Chapter 07: Third Times a Charm

Midway through what he’s about to say, Tae Kyung saw Mi Nam (Mi Nyu), lying on the ground unconscious. He immediately rushed to his (Mi Nyu) side followed by Shin Woo, Jeremy and Manager Ma.

Tae Kyung: We need to get him (Mi Nyu) to a hospital! Shin Woo; get Mi Nam’s clothes you know where it is in my room.

Shin Woo: Okay. Right on it.

Tae Kyung: Jeremy, get my car ready.

Jeremy: Got it.

Tae Kyung: Manager Ma, help me get Mi Nam to my car.

He Yi: I’m going with you.

Tae Kyung: Go home. We don’t need you here.

He Yi: But…

Tae Kyung: No, buts. I said go home already. As for you two (looking at Geun Seuk and Shin Hye), stay put and don’t ever get out of the house. If there’s anyone, I repeat anyone asking for Mi Nam patch them through Manager Ma or me, understand? One more thing, I warn you no visiting at the hospital. You’ve caused enough trouble for the day.

Geun Seuk, Shin Hye: But…

Tae Kyung: I’ll talk to you both later.  If you don’t heed my orders both of you are out of this house and you Geun Seuk will be out of A.N.Jell. Got it?

Jeremy: Hyung (calling out to Tae Kyung)! Your car’s ready.

Tae Kyung: Alright. Let’s go.

Since stylist Wang happens to live nearby the hospital, the group decided to make a short rendezvous there. They need stylist Wang’s assistance not only to dress up Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) in woman’s clothes, making her appear less Mi Nam but also to help check her in the hospital without anyone noticing. At least this time around, Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) will be properly cared for in a hospital. They (in disguise) will just later on come by her private room one person at a time.

Meanwhile, He Yi who’s reluctantly on her way home kept on thinking about what occurred earlier. There’s something odd that’s happening. She caught on how worried Tae Kyung was when he saw Mi Nam passed out lying on the ground and how Shin Woo, Jeremy and Manager Ma reacted to everything that Tae Kyung asked them to do. She’s betting on her life, she knows what it is. She’ll let it pass for tonight. Hmm…and who was that rude guy, anyway. Did Tae Kyung just implied that guy, Geun…something is an A.N.Jell? Having been away on a tightly scheduled Asian Tour for six long weeks made her lost touch with the goings-on with A.N.Jell. Never mind, she can make up for it eventually, starting tomorrow.

At the A.N.Jell house, Shin Hye is so upset. If only she was at home when Mi Nam passed out, she should have been the one that brought him to the hospital. She feels frustrated. How could she let Shin Woo coax her into going with them?

Geun Seuk can’t help but be sorry for her sister. She must be crushed not being able to go to the hospital, knowing the one that you hold dear to you is there. The rate things are going right now, he can’t tell her about Mi Nam.

The following morning Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) woke up confused wondering why she’s in a bed of what looks like a hospital room. Everyone looks asleep…and is that He Yi who just entered the room?



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