Chapter 01: Something Old, Something New

Even if he’s living in the US, Tae Kyung’s dad wanted to keep tabs of the goings-on with Tae Kyung’s life. So, unknown to Tae Kyung, his dad and Pres. Ahn had been keeping in touch with each other due to this reason. During the process Tae Kyung’s father had swapped some stories about his step son whom he believes is as talented as his son. Because of these stories Pres. Ahn has a hunch he’s found the right candidate up to that task of replacing Tae Kyung. Now, all he’s left to do is convince this guy to go to Korea and be a member of his A.N.Jell group.

Hwang Geun Suk, (Yes, you read it right. His last name is also Hwang since Tae Kyung’s father legally adopted him and his sister when he married their mother) has a tomboyish sister Hwang Shin Hye. Her sister idolizes him so much that she does whatever he does (now, you see why she’s become tomboyish ) and goes wherever he is. This then leads us to these two conditions which Pres. Ahn must comply with before he agrees to join A.N. Jell. First, Shin Hye gets to live on the same house as him — meaning same house as the A.N.Jell and said sister of course gets her own room being  the only female in the house. Second, that no one will know that they’re Tae Kyung’s step siblings.  Since Pres. Ahn desperately wants Geun Suk to come aboard A.N.Jell, he concedes to these arrangements.

So here’s where the conflict begins. These two new additions to the A.N. Jell household does not know that this current Go Mi Nam is a girl (Go Mi Nyu) and twin sister of the real Go Mi Nam who’s now in the US recuperating from an injury. On the other hand, the A.N.Jell does not know that the new guy in the group with the tomboyish sister is actually Tae Kyung’s step siblings both of whom Tae Kyung’s never met before.



2 thoughts on “Chapter 01: Something Old, Something New

  1. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  2. Hi, really enjoyed reading this. You have managed to maintained the momentum of YAB1. I kept my comments till I have read all the chapters. I see that you last posted in Jan 2010. Am wondering where’s the follow-up and ending? Can’t wait to know the rest of the story. Some of the cahpters had me laughing. Spent the last 2-3 hrs reading all after i chance upon your fanfic. Pls update soon or maybe you had, so pls tell how to i access. Thanks for making my day.

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