Chapter 09: Tipping the Scales

Geun Seuk: That’s easy. Tell them so I won’t have to.

Mi Nam:  No. Not that. I mean I’ll do everything that you ask of me except telling this charade to everyone. I’m doing this for my brother. You have a sister, surely you understand. I would endure anything for my brother’s sake.

Geun Seuk: How long have you been doing this, fooling everyone? Well, not exactly everyone is it? Stylist Wang seems to be helping you out. About the others, don’t they even recognize anything different about you? You’re even sharing a room with Tae Kyung, how could he not notice that you’re a woman?

Mi Nam: I have done this before already. This is my second time or is it my third? Hmmm ….

Geun Seuk: Stop. I don’t even want to know about it.

Mi Nam: So, are we on the same side now?

Geun Seuk: What gave you that idea?

Mi Nam: Well, so far, you have not told anyone.

Geun Seuk: …yet. And will you stand up.

Mi Nam: Not until we make an agreement that you won’t tell anybody about my secret.

Geun Seuk: I don’t make promises. Don’t bother me and stay away from my sister.

Mi Nam: Are those you’re only conditions?

Then suddenly, the lights went on…

Tae Kyung: Go Mi Nam!

Mi Nam: Hyungnim!

Tae Kyung: What are doing here? You should be sleeping already…and, are you kneeling?

Mi Nam: I…

Geun Seuk: He’s not kneeling. He’s still a bit weak probably from what happened yesterday. He almost fell down again and I was just helping him get up. Isn’t that right, Mi Nam?

Mi Nam: Yes. That’s right.

Tae Kyung: What are you two talking about then?

Geun Seuk: Just this and that. I’ll go ahead and sleep now.

On his way up, Geun Seuk was scratching his head, wondering as to how it ended up with him making excuses for Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). Isn’t Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) supposed to be the one making excuses for them? Why did he even bother? He shouldn’t have known about Mi Nam (Mi Nyu), but isn’t it Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) fault also? He came to look for Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) that time because he wanted to speak to him about her sister, Shin Hye. Who would have surmised it will lead to unexpectedly coming across with Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) cover. This is crazy; he’s got to stop thinking about Mi Nam (Mi Nyu).

Shin Woo’s been avoiding Shin Hye the entire day. However, it’s just his rotten break that he encountered her at the kitchen making some tea. She just looked at him then continued making her tea. So, they stood there in silence. He, drinking his milk while she was “trying” being the right word here to make tea. He observed that she’s doing it wrong, he can’t resist but convey his observations.

Shin Woo: The water is too hot and you should steep it in around 2-3 minutes only.

Shin Hye: What?

Shin Woo: You’re not making black teas, so the water should not be on a rolling boil. Also, you should not directly pour the water from the kettle to your cup. That’s what teapots are for. The goal is to have a teapot that resists having your tea cool down while you steep it. Use the ceramic or porcelain one it’s up there on the cupboards.

Shin Hye: And how do you know all that?

Shin Woo: I’m the one who taught Mi Nam on how to make a proper tea.

Shin Hye: What do you know? Suddenly, I don’t want to drink tea anymore.

Shin Woo: What’s up with you? Do I annoy you or something?

Shin Hye: More like furious at you. I should have been the one who brought Mi Nam to the hospital if only I was at home that time. But no, I wasn’t and it’s all because of you.

Shin Woo: You’re still holding a grudge at me just because of that? Don’t you think that what’s important is that Mi Nam was brought immediately to the hospital and not who brought Mi Nam there?

Shin Hye (Turning his back at Shin Woo): Fine. Have it your way then. Clean up everything while you’re at it.

Shin Woo did not retort back so as not to prolong their argument. He thought, Shin Hye’s quite petty, stubborn and most of all clueless, so he better handle everything with her well. In a way, she’s bit similar to how Mi Nyu is. Now where did that thought came from?

After what he saw at the kitchen, Tae Kyung can’t sleep. He’s been tossing and turning in his beddings.

Mi Nyu: Oppa, you can’t seem to sleep. If you want, you can take the bed and I’ll be the one to sleep down there.

Tae Kyung: Why do you think that is?

Mi Nyu: You’re uncomfortable that’s why. We can exchange. It’s okay with me.

Tae Kyung: That’s not it. Why do I always find you with another guy each time?

Mi Nyu: I don’t understand.

Tae Kyung: When I woke up a few nights ago, I saw you with Shin Woo. Then yesterday, you’re with Geun Seuk when you got unconscious. Tonight, you’re with him again at the kitchen with whatever it is you two were talking about.

Mi Nyu: I didn’t know you minded that.  With Shin Woo, you know we’re close friends right? With Geun Seuk, we’re just talking about some stuff no need to bother you with it.

Tae Kyung: Probably I’m just tired and I’m taking it out on you. Let’s sleep, okay.

“I’m really sorry, Oppa. I don’t mean to be such a bother to you again.” she thought sighing. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.

It seems it’s not only the two of them who are still awake.

“She’s kind of cute when she’s angry.”

“It makes me so mad.”

“Why does it always have to be her?”

“This can’t go on. Something must be done”



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