Chapter 21: Green Day

The car screeched to a halt.

Tae Kyung: What? Are you out of your mind?

Mi Nam: Well, it’s a just a thought and you did ask me to tell you what I was thinking.

Tae Kyung: What made you decide that we can tell him all about your identity?

Mi Nam: He seems honest enough and he did mention that he never breaks promises. He was sincere when he told me before that he’d find the ring for me. Then, when he found it, he gave back my ring right?

Tae Kyung: So, he’s kind of like you in the making promises department. Have you forgotten how fast your promises expire?

Mi Nam: But?

Tae Kyung: We don’t know him well enough to entrust him with your secret. What if he’s another He Yi? You know the He Yi who fooled you into believing that I love her not you.

Mi Nam: Ok. So, I have made a mistake about He Yi. But, I did not make a mistake in trusting you. He’s a lot like you in some ways.

Tae Kyung: What? Now, I’m like him?

Mi Nam: You’re taking this the wrong way.

Tae Kyung: You bet I am.

Mi Nam: I’m just saying that if you get to know him, you’ll see similar traits of you in him. He’s somewhat stoic even a bit rough at times but I believe, he’s a good person.

Tae Kyung: And how did you arrive at this analysis?

Mi Nam: Take a look at how he treats Shin Hye. He’s really nice with her…much like how my brother is with me.

Tae Kyung: It’s because, Shin Hye’s his sister.

Mi Nam: I know but not all brothers are good towards their sisters.

Tae Kyung: How should I know? I don’t have one.

Mi Nam: Don’t be like that.

Tae Kyung: Like what?

Mi Nam: You’re being childish.

Tae Kyung: Says who? You’re the one comparing me with Geun Seuk.

Mi Nam: Come on. I’m only trying to make you see that we can share the secret with Geun Seuk.

Tae Kyung: And risk making it known to everyone. No.

Mi Nam: I should have spoken this first with Shin Woo.

Tae Kyung: How did Shin Woo get into this conversation?

Mi Nam: Oh sorry.

Tae Kyung: Sorry doesn’t cut it. What made you mutter Shin Woo’s name?

Mi Nam: I just thought that since he’s the more calm and understanding one, there’s more chances that he’ll agree and when he does I can ask him to discuss it with you.

Tae Kyung: So, you like him better because he’s calm and understanding compared to me.

Mi Nam: That’s not what I’m saying.

Tae Kyung: Fine. You did not say it that way but you implied.

Mi Nam: You’re putting words into my mouth.

Tae Kyung: If he’s better ‘cause he’s calmer and more understanding, you should have chosen him over me.

Mi Nam: Can we just stop this discussion? It’s okay if you don’t want to tell Geun Seuk.

Tae Kyung: I don’t know what Geun Seuk did for you that’s worth your trust in him but I’m sure going to find out one way or another.

Mi Nam: That’s it. Let me out of the car.

Tae Kyung: No. There’s lots of people you’ll get mobbed.

Mi Nam: I said let me get out of the car or I’ll scream.

Tae Kyung: Fine. Have it your way. You’ll get lost. You don’t know how to get back home.

Mi Nam: I’ll get back home don’t worry. I’ll have someone pick me up here.

Tae Kyung: Who? Shin Woo?

Mi Nam: No. It’s Jeremy. At least he makes me happy when I’m sad.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 21: Green Day

    • when I finished typing this chapter…I was surprised as well like whoa! first fight! first fight!…must have been the ill-effects of the pizza I was craving for at that time…

  1. jeje.. was a funny chapter. The whole story is kind of interesting albeit the fact it’s like watching the series again but with more people involved and more drama XD

    mmm… i noticed you published this chapter like two months ago. Are you going to finish the story or your muse abandon you? Please let me know what your plans are. Thank you.

    • I do plan to continue the fanfic. I’m just too engrossed now with Coffee House. ^^ I actually have some chapters in draft but not really satisfied yet with the way I wrote it. Most likely, I’ll return to it after Coffee House ends next week. ^^

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