Chapter 22: Sense Without Sensibility

While driving, Tae Kyung was mulling over what just happened.

Tae Kyung: Why did I do that? For sure, I’ll lose some points. It’s just that Mi Nyu is trusting Geun Seuk way too much for her own good…but it’s just the way Mi Nyu is she’s so naïve. Damn, now I’m talking to myself.

On the other hand, Mi Nyu was not even pondering on what transpired. She’s actually more worried on how to get home, so she thought of calling Manager Ma…

Mi Nyu: Hello, Manager Ma. Where are you? I need a lift.

Manager Ma: I’m at the A.N. office. We’re going to end a bit late for the meeting. Where are you anyway?

Mi Nyu: Uhm. It’s okay.

Manager Ma: Are you sure? Why not call anyone of the guys to pick you up?

Mi Nyu: Oh. It’s okay. They might be busy.

Manager Ma: If you say so. Just send me a message once you get home.

With that Mi Nyu responded a weak okay. It’s almost sunset and she does not know where she is nor even how to get back home. Although, she told Tae Kyung that she’ll contact Jeremy she did otherwise because she doesn’t want to trouble either Jeremy or Shin Woo nor does she want to worry both over her little argument with Tae Kyung. When she thought … of course, she can just get a taxi. She was about to hail one when a familiar red convertible stopped in front of her.

He Yi: Look who’s here. I thought I saw someone I know and I was right.

Mi Nyu: Hi.

He Yi: So where’s your bodyguard?

Mi Nyu: My…what?

He Yi: Tae Kyung….looks like he’s nowhere in sight. Does he even know you’re wandering the streets at this hour?

Mi Nyu: Uhm….of course. He…knows.

He Yi: Really? Know what? You’re bad at lying. Do you know that? So where are you going?

Mi Nyu: Oh. I was headed for home. I’m about to call for a cab when you came.

He Yi: Hop in.

Mi Nyu: Why?

He Yi: Lucky you. I’m going there so I might as well pick you up or else Tae Kyung might bite my head off  if he’d known I saw you and did not give you a lift.

Mi Nyu: But…

He Yi: No buts. Get in, before I lose my patience, okay.

Mi Nyu: Fine.

He Yi: So tell me. What gives? Why is he not around?

Mi Nyu: Uhm…nothing really. He’s just busy…I guess.

He Yi: Do I have to repeat to you that you’re a bad liar?

Mi Nyu: He’s….busy with stuff…

He Yi: Fine. If you don’t want to tell me, I’ll find out about it sooner or later, anyway.

Mi Nyu: Thanks.

He Yi: For what?

Mi Nyu: For giving me a ride back and for not prying.

He Yi: You give me too much credit.

Mi Nyu: I think you’re a good person because my brother likes you.

He Yi: Now, you’re giving me the chills with your kind words. Stop it or you’ll have to get off of this car.

Mi Nyu: Okay, if you wish.

Tae Kyung’s panicking at the house because Jeremy just got back and there’s no Mi Nyu in sight. He’s trying hard not to show it as he’s trying to read a magazine in the living room but Shin Woo who’s always the perceptive one noticed it.

Shin Woo: Are you waiting for Mi Nyu?

Tae Kyung: Who says I’m waiting for her. I’m just reading a magazine like you.

Shin Woo: Why not call her, if you’re bothered that she’s not home yet?

Tae Kyung: Will you stop referring to “her”…that pest Shin Hye might overhear us.

Shin Woo: If you’re worried, call “him”.

Tae Kyung: Who says I’m worried?

Shin Woo: You are. I always catch you glancing at the door. Since, Mi Nam is the only one not at home yet, so I’m guessing you’re waiting for him.

Tae Kyung: I’m not waiting for him, okay. Why should I?

Shin Woo: Did you have a fight or something? This is so unlike you.

Jeremy: Who had a fight?

Tae Kyung: No one.

Jeremy: But Hyung said someone had a fight.

Shin Hye: Really? Who fought?

Tae Kyung: No one fought, okay. Go back to your rooms, I want some peace and quiet reading here.

Shin Hye: Why should I? I’m waiting for Mi Nam. He’s not home yet.

Shin Woo: At least someone’s worried that Mi Nam is not yet around.

Shin Hye: It’s not that I’m worried. I cooked dinner so I wanted him to have dinner with the rest of us.

He Yi: Am I invited for dinner, too?

Tae Kyung, Shin Woo, Jeremy: He Yi! What are you doing here?

He Yi: Don’t get too excited guys. I just dropped off Mi Nam.

Tae Kyung: You’re with He Yi? I thought you said you’ll be with Jeremy?

He Yi: Jealous are we, Tae Kyung?

Mi Nam: Uhm…I…we…



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