Chapter 03: Crush

Tae Kyung immediately stood up and got mad saying that there’s ground rules in the house, one of which is no one enters his room without his permission. Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) scrambles to get up and goes out of Tae Kyung’s room to get the extra blankets. She’s kind of worried that Geun Suk caught her and Tae Kyung in an intriguingly awkward position but tries to convince herself to just act normal as Mi Nam and forget that Geun Suk saw them.” What to do? What to do?”, asking herself in usual Mi Nyu fashion, like she always did before. “Be friendlier towards Geun Suk? No, he might think that he’s indeed gay. “What do I do? What do I do?” She kept on saying while looking for those extra blankets that she did not notice Shin Hye was behind her.

Shin Hye: Hello there! It’s nice of you letting me stay in your room.

Mi Nam: It’s okay. I’m used to rooming with Tae Kyung anyway before when my aunt stayed with us for awhile.

Shin Hye: They say you’re the youngest in the group. Must be tough being one. How old are you anyway?

Mi Nam: Nineteen.

Shin Hye: Oh! Really! I’m nineteen too. That’s cool we’re of the same age. We can hang out together!

Mi Nam: That’s nice. It’s the first time I get someone of my age to hang out with me. We can do … (then she paused remembering that she’s Mi Nam and not Mi Nyu at the moment). Oh! I mean, you can hang out with my sister when she comes back. I have a twin sister in case you don’t know. She would really love to hang out with you doing all those girly stuff.

Shin Hye: Who needs to hang out with girls not that I don’t want to be friends with your sister or anything but it’s much more fun being with the guys and since you’re same age as mine it’ll be fun. I’m always with my brother and his friends back in the US … but they’re like ancient. He’s 22 already.

Mi Nam: Oh, he’s as old as Hyungnim…Tae Kyung. Do you like tea? Hyung, I mean Shin Woo has lots of different tea mixtures. I bet he has chamomile, should make you relax and sleep better.

Shin Hye: Thanks a lot. I bet we’ll be such great friends! (Then almost hugs her when Geun Suk appeared)

Geun Suk: Shin Hye, don’t just go hugging everyone you meet! This is not the US, you’re in Korea now remember that.

Shin Hye (winking at Mi Nam): Yes bro. I mean Oppa.

After that, Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) and Shin Hye had been constant companions. They shop together, eat out sometimes and even got into the habit of Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) making chamomile tea for Shin Hye before they sleep. It was a welcome change being friends with a girl same age as hers and not always being one of the guys though said guys knows that she’s a girl and though said girl does not know that he’s actually a she.  Mi Nam’s actions, being naturally kind-hearted and nice might be misconstrued by Shin Hye as what Shin Woo seems to notice these past few days. He does not know how he will point out this observation to Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). In deep thought, he proceeded to the kitchen to get his glass of milk.

Mi Nam: Hyung.

Shin Woo: Oh, you’re here also. So how are you? It’s been awhile since we talked just the two of us.

Mi Nam: Yes, it’s been some time. I’m good. In fact, I’m so glad that Geun Suk brought his sister to live here with us. Now I have a female friend and it’s such a bonus that we’re of the same age.

Shin Woo: Regarding that, don’t you find anything out of the ordinary when you’re with Shin Hye?

Mi Nam: No. Nothing really. Why, is there something wrong?

Shin Woo: I think she has a crush on you.




3 thoughts on “Chapter 03: Crush

  1. you’re fanfic series is hilarious. I cannot help laughing out loud in regards to MiNyu’s predicament. I hope you do continue with your story.

    this is the best, “Be friendlier towards Geun Suk? No, he might think that he’s indeed gay. “What do I do? What do I do?” — hahaha

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