Chapter 15: Don’t Dream It’s Over

Tae Kyung: Manager Ma, why are there reporters in the room? I thought you told the hospital staff strictly no reporters allowed.

Manager Ma: I did. I’m trying to call Geun Seuk but it’s not ringing.

Shin Hye: What’s happening? When I left the hospital no one’s around then suddenly there’s this.

Shin Woo: Let’s just listen, okay.

Reporter Kim: You called a sudden press conference and at your hospital room nonetheless. Is it about the news headline?

Geun Seuk: I just want to clarify everything. First, there’s no kiss. It was an accident that I happen to land on top of Mi Nam and our lips met. Mi Nam closed his eyes because he sort of bumped his head on the floor and winced in pain when I happened to land on top of him. Second, He Yi looked after me at that time because she already saw a number of people attending to Mi Nam’s needs. Being the helpful person that we all know she is, she kindly offered her assistance to help me drink some water. Third, neither I or Mi Nam are gay. Lastly, there’s no love triangle. She and Mi Nam are still a couple.

Shin Hye: What? Did I hear that right? Did Oppa just say that He Yi and Mi Nam are a couple?

Shin Woo: Yes, that’s right.

Shin Hye: But how? I thought…

Shin Woo: Well, you thought wrong. He Yi and Mi Nam were already a couple before you and Geun Seuk arrived. She was just in a tour so you weren’t able to meet her when you came to live here.

Shin Hye: I don’t understand. But Tae Kyung doesn’t like her.

Tae Kyung: So? It’s his life not mine.

Shin Hye: Is it true Mi Nam? You and He Yi?

Mi Nam: Uhmm. Yes, that’s right.

Shin Hye: But at the movies, you and He Yi were not seated together?

Mi Nam: It’s because…

Shin Woo: Can you keep quiet? I’m trying to pay attention to what’s being said on TV.

Reporter Kim: I noticed that the rest of A.N.Jell is not here instead it’s He Yi who’s around. He Yi, any comments on this?

He Yi: I was actually the one who insisted on this sudden press conference and Geun Seuk just obliged. I don’t want any baseless rumors spreading about me and Mi Nam so, I urged Geun Seuk to proceed with this.

Geun Seuk: He Yi was so kind to me last night that I just returned the favor.

Reporter Kim: So, you can boldly say that there’s nothing going on either between you and He Yi or Mi Nam and you?

Geun Seuk: That’s right.

After the reporters left, Geun Seuk and He Yi were back to their clashing ways blaming each other for what they had to go through to conceal and rectify the issue. They did not notice that someone already came inside the room.

Mi Nam: Hyung.

Geun Seuk/He Yi: What are you doing here?

Mi Nam: Just wanted to know how you’re doing. I saw you on TV about an hour ago.

Geun Seuk: Who’s with you? You should never have gone here. What if the reporters came back?

Mi Nam: I came with Hyungnim…I mean Tae Kyung. He volunteered to drive me here.

He Yi: I bet. So where is he?

Tae Kyung: I’m here, so why are you looking for me?

He Yi: No reason in particular. I just thought that wherever Mi Nam went Tae Kyung follows.

Tae Kyung: What do you want me to do? Leave Mi Nam to you? Not in a million years!

He Yi: Poor Tae Kyung, still jealous that I chose Mi Nam over you.

Tae Kyung: Never. So Mi Nam, you’ve seen that Geun Seuk’s fine. Now, let’s go before we’re spotted by anyone.

He Yi: Why in such a hurry? Are you afraid that Mi Nam’s so concerned about Geun Seuk and will replace you with him as his new ”best friend”? For a guy, you’re so possessive of your “best friend”.

Tae Kyung: So, what are you trying to say?

He Yi: Nothing. Since everything seems fine now, I have to get my beauty rest as I was woken up by “someone” so early in the morning.

Tae Kyung: I’ll go ahead as well. Mi Nam, when you’re through just look for me in the parking lot, okay.

He Yi: See. You miss me that’s why you want to leave with me.

Tae Kyung: In your dreams.

Geun Seuk: So what is it that you wanted to say?

Mi Nam: I just wanted to check if you’re alright and thank you.

Geun Seuk: For what?

Mi Nam: You know…the picture of me with closed eyes. Thanks for covering up for me. I knew I could count on you.

Geun Seuk: Not so fast. Why are your eyes closed anyway?

Mi Nam: I was kind of embarrassed. I see people taking pictures of us. I don’t know what to do so I just closed my eyes and prayed for help like I always do.

Geun Seuk: Like you always do?

Mi Nam: I pray and help comes along or to put it simply somehow Tae Kyung comes along and helps me out.

Geun Seuk:  Aha! You like Tae Kyung! That’s why you insist that you have to stay.

Mi Nam: What’s not to like. He’s really a good guy and he’s nice to me. But, it’s not the reason I wanted to stay. I already told you before that my brother needs my help so I came in his place. I’ll go back to being Mi Nyu again when my brother returns. Until then I don’t want anyone knowing that I’m Mi Nyu and not Mi Nam.

He Yi: I knew it. I was right all along.



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