Chapter 08: Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered

He Yi: Go Mi Nyu, are you feeling well?

Mi Nam: Uhmm…

Tae Kyung (now half awake): What are you doing here?

He Yi: Tae Kyung, is that how you welcome a visitor? I was just dropping by to check if Mi Nyu is fine.

Tae Kyung: How did…

He Yi: …I find out? It’s really not that hard seeing as how all of you went all troubled at the sight of her (glancing as Mi Nyu) and a bit uneasy and uptight towards those two. I bet they don’t know about this Mi Nam/Mi Nyu switch.

Tae Kyung: You already know that it’s Mi Nyu. She’s fine now. You can go.

He Yi: Not so fast, my dear Tae Kyung. I need to know two things. First, where’s Mi Nam? Second, those two, who are they?

Tae Kyung: As if we would tell you that.

He Yi: Fine then. Perhaps, I can ask them myself.

Tae Kyung: Damn you He Yi!

He Yi (smiling): Come on Tae Kyung, we don’t want Mi Nyu hearing such harsh words do we? Look what you’ve done you’ve waken them all up (referring to Shin Woo, Jeremy, Manager Ma and stylist Wang who woke up one by one). Tsk…tsk…tsk…

Jeremy: Oh! Hyung! It’s He Yi!

Shin Woo (looking at He Yi): What are you up to?

He Yi: Come on everyone. Don’t be so suspicious. As what I’ve told Tae Kyung, I’m here to visit Mi Nyu.

Tae Kyung (mouthing sarcastically): Yeah right.

He Yi: I was just asking where Mi Nam is and who those two other people were last night when Tae Kyung suddenly got mad and shouted at me.

Mi Nam: Oppa. Just tell her. It’s no use hiding it anyway.

He Yi left the hospital somehow satisfied knowing that she got her way again. However, she has this feeling that she’s still missing out on the main issue. She’ll find that out one way or another. For now, she needs to make it to her appointment with Pres. Ahn.

Anxious of being discovered, Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) is quite unwilling to stay for another day at the hospital, so she urged Tae Kyung to ask the doctor to discharge her from the hospital already. Tae Kyung being contrary to this had a bit of a minor argument with Mi Nyu. Aside from this, Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) not telling him what caused her to be in the state wherein they found her, made the situation worse.

Mi Nam: Please, Oppa. Could you trust me?

Tae Kyung: I trust you. The problem is that, it’s Geun Seuk I don’t trust. Did you fight over something? Did he hit you?

Mi Nam: No. He did not assault me or anything. There’s no hostility involved. I just accidentally slipped. No big deal.

Tae Kyung: Then, how did you two both end up at the backyard at night?

Mi Nam (responding as vague as possible): I was sort of “straightening up” some stuff that morning when the ring got lost incidentally. Geun Seuk was just helping me find the ring.

Tae Kyung: You mean the ring that I almost threw before?

Mi Nyu: Yes, that’s the one. You know how important that is to me. So I came out back to find it that I had forgotten to eat lunch and dinner. Sorry. Don’t look so annoyed at me; I did eat a lot at breakfast though that morning.

Tae Kyung. I’m telling you, I’m only letting you off this time on account that you’re still feeling a bit weak. Something about what you’ve all told me does not sit well with me. I’m still thinking you’re covering up for Geun Seuk.

Mi Nyu did not reply back anymore, seeing that Tae Kyung is letting him (her) off the hook so to speak. Well, at least for the moment which is as good as any, right?, she thought.

Dwelling on the plight she’s in right now, sleep once again became difficult for Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) that night. She decided to get up and went to the kitchen to make some chamomile tea, thinking that it’ll help. Still deep in her thoughts, she did not notice that Geun Seuk was actually sitting by the table and observing her.

Geun Seuk, was baffled. He was trying to comprehend how was it possible for Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) not to be disclosed as a female when they all went to the hospital. Clearly, the guys don’t know that he (she) is a woman or else, why would they act normal when they came back from the hospital. These thoughts are driving him crazy, he can’t take it anymore….

Geun Seuk: Looks like you can’t sleep. Does lying to them bother you that much?

Mi Nam: Hyung.

Geun Seuk: Is that all you can say? Hyung? Don’t you mean Oppa?

Mi Nam: Sorry. I did not see that you were there.

Geun Seuk: Probably so because your mind is catching up on more excuses to make. So answer me, you went to the hospital and yet they did not seem to find out that you’re a woman. How did you do that?

Oh no! She forgot to think about that? What should she say? Think Mi Nyu! Then she remembered how it went on when she was almost brought to the hospital the first time.

Mi Nam: Uhmm…on the way to the hospital, my consciousness came back so I told them there’s no need to go to the hospital. I convinced them that someone at the hospital might leak we’re there and you know how popular we are, so it will be hard for everyone. Manager Ma then just decided to stop by stylist Wang’s apartment since it’s near. Stylist Wang ordered for food and we stayed there the night. (Whew!)

Geun Seuk: Why stay there? Why not just come back here?

Mi Nam: Hyungnim…I mean Tae Kyung is tired and everyone is exhausted as well.

Geun Seuk: I see.

Mi Nam (kneeling): Please, Geun Seuk. I’ll do anything…everything that you ask just don’t tell it to them? I promise you that.



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