Chapter 24: Because of You…

Shin Woo: You don’t mean that you’ll sleep in my room with me, do you?

Mi Nam: Yes. That’s exactly what I mean.

Shin Woo: No way. I don’t want Tae Kyung misunderstanding something if I let you sleep in my room. Whatever it is that’s between you and him right now, if you don’t want to tell me, then I’d suggest you talk it over with him and resolve it tonight before you go to sleep.

Mi Nam: But…

Shin Woo: No ifs or buts. Now go.

Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) was at a lost on what to do. She was relying on Shin Woo to somehow help her in some way, but it seems this day isn’t giving her a break at all. Despite what Shin Woo advised her to do, she remains adamant since she believes it’s not anytime soon that Tae Kyung’s resentment will take leave just as easily. She’s known him for sometime already and he’s quite a difficult person to crack when he’s resolved to believe in something. What she needs to figure out now is where she’ll spend the night without anyone noticing that she didn’t sleep in Tae Kyung’s room. She then remembered…of course, why not just sleep in the music room? It’s rare that anyone goes there especially at this time. She recalled that she did spend her night there one time when she was still clueless of what she felt towards Tae Kyung.

Tae Kyung, on the other hand can’t sleep as he’s been waiting for Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) to show up in their room….Wait, since when did he begin regarding it as their room? It has always been just his room even when Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) stayed there the first time and even when Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) was forced again to stay with him this time. Guess, he’s missing Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) already….and why was he missing him (her), again? Ah, yes, it’s Geun Seuk’s fault that he lost his temper at Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). So far, Geun Seuk’s proven to be as much as a nuisance as Shin Hye and that’s what’s making him more annoyed, hence, less sleepy. So, he decided instead to look for Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) all over the house and finally found her sleeping soundly in the music room. Wonders never cease or at least Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) never fails to amaze him. He left the room bewildered as to how could Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) sleep well when they’ve had a bit of a tiff earlier.

Shin Woo kept tossing and turning in his bed. It appears that he’s unable to sleep as well. He’s torn between helping out Tae Kyung and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) resolve their conflict and giving out the impression of being too meddlesome when he goes about it. Although, he still has feelings for Mi Nam (Mi Nyu), he’s trying his best not to let it show in order to avoid reason for Tae Kyung and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) to feel awkward around him. He values their friendship, so now that both have some unsettled issues before them, he’s kind of at an impasse. He wanted to help but that would amount to meddling in some way and he wouldn’t want any misunderstanding of any sort with Tae Kyung on this matter. Putting everything in perspective, he’s made up his mind to wait this one out. For now, he’ll just be the usual silent observer.

Next door, Shin Hye’s lights are still up evident that she’s still fully awake. What seems to be bothering her is what occurred earlier in the evening during dinner. It looks as if there’s some bad blood between A.N.Jell and He Yi of which the reason still eludes her up to now. However, she has this nagging feeling that Mi Nam’s sister has something to do with it which piques her interest even more. She’s wondering what Mi Nam’s sister like. Jeremy once told her that she was a novice when they met her but gave no other information apart from her being Mi Nam’s sister and what she figures to be Tae Kyung’s current girlfriend. That’s why she thinks it naturally adds up why Tae Kyung and Mi Nam are very close friends with each other…but still she’s missing something…that link which binds everything to how it became what it was at this point. She thought that it’s quite odd that Mi Nam who’s Tae Kyung’s best friend is now He Yi’s boyfriend when obviously, He Yi doesn’t really like Mi Nyu ‘cause Tae Kyung left her for Mi Nyu who’s Mi Nam’s sister. No matter how she puts it, it still comes up to something weird especially when you consider how Shin Woo reacted as well. Damn, how did Shin Woo end up crossing her thoughts?

It looks like this day has left quite an impression for He Yi, too. She’s still awake at this hour trying to figure out what could have shaken Tae Kyung’s and Mi Nyu’s relationship. She thought that she’s plotted before to break them apart but it didn’t work, so what’s different now? Shin Woo is definitely out of the picture…which leaves her to assume…could it be Geun Seuk? It appears that Geun Seuk has a soft spot for Mi Nyu and probably Tae Kyung noticed it…got jealous resulting to an argument. Possible…quite possible.

The following morning Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) woke up early so that she can use Tae Kyung’s bathroom while he’s still asleep. She then thought instantly that the best way to avoid Tae Kyung was visit Mother Superior at the convent. She was just leaving when she bumped into Shin Woo outside Tae Kyung’s room.

Shin Woo: Hey, you’re up early.

Mi Nam: Yeah, I’m going to see Mother Superior at the convent. It’s been sometime that I haven’t seen her after I got back from Africa.

Shin Woo: I see. Are you going alone?

Mi Nam: Yeah. You know Tae Kyung, he wakes up late.

Shin Hye: Morning guys! Hey, Mi Nam, you look like you’re going somewhere, can I go with you?

Mi Nam: Uhm…I’m visiting someone.

Shin Woo: You don’t need to go with him. Remember, Manager Ma will take you to school to help you with your enrollment.

Shin Hye: But, that’s still in the afternoon. It’s still early. I can come back later.

Shin Woo: It’s quite far, so I doubt that you’ll make it on time. Anyway, I’m going with him.

Shin Hye: Is that so? They why is it that you’re still not dressed?

Shin Woo: Guys dress up fast in case you don’t know.

Shin Hye: I still think that I can come with you guys. You just don’t want me to come along.

Jeremy: Come along where? Are you going out, Mi Nam?

Mi Nam: Yes, I’m visiting someone.

Jeremy: Will someone accompany you? I can go…

Shin Woo: No need, Jeremy. I’ll take him there since Tae Kyung’s still asleep. You can just stay here and ensure that Shin Hye doesn’t go anywhere until Manager Ma arrives, okay.

Jeremy: Whatever you say, Hyung!

It seems that Tae Kyung and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) haven’t made up yet, so Shin Woo can’t resist but help out Mi Nam (Mi Nyu), in this situation. He was just thinking that he’ll just sort it out later with Tae Kyung when he bumped into him by the corridor.

Tae Kyung: You seem to be in a hurry. Going somewhere?

Shin Woo: I’m taking Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) to the convent. He (she) wants to see Mother Superior.

Tae Kyung: I see.

Shin Woo: Is that all you have to say?

Tae Kyung: What do you want me to say?

Shin Woo: Something like…don’t go. I’ll go with her, instead.

Tae Kyung: How about this…Go ahead. You’re already dressed. I don’t mind as long as he’s with you.

Shin Woo: Fine. Whatever. We’ll go now.

Mi Nyu was glad that Shin Woo came with her. It sure makes it much easier having someone drive you around as compared to commuting on your own.  It’s been a relief that Shin Woo did not even bother her with any questions pertaining to Tae Kyung. Today, apparently looks like it’s going to be a lovely day.

Shin Woo waited for Mi Nyu at the convent grounds while Mi Nyu visited and unburdened her thoughts to Mother Superior. “So, this was the place where she grew up. Everything’s so peaceful and beautiful,” muttered Shin Woo. He somehow felt some form of regret that Mi Nyu had to leave all these behind for the complex life that she’s had no choice but to live for presently. In retrospect, he swore to himself that he’ll protect her as long as he can.

It was already late in the afternoon that they left the convent, so they arrived almost around midnight already. Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) was headed to the music room when Shin Woo stopped her.

Shin Woo: Where are you going?

Mi Nam: Uhm…the music room…

Shin Woo: At this time?

Mi Nam: Uhm…it’s where I slept last night.

Shin Woo: But I saw you leave Tae Kyung’s room earlier….

Mi Nam: I just took a bath there.

Shin Woo: So, now you’re going to sleep in the music room again?

Mi Nam: Yeah.

Shin Woo: Okay. Last night, I thought that if I won’t let you sleep in my room. You’d go on your way to spend the night at Tae Kyung’s room albeit with hesitance. I guess I was wrong. I give up. You can sleep in my room for now since Geun Seuk is still at the hospital and won’t be discharged until this weekend. I’ll check myself in a hotel for the moment. If they ask where I was in the morning, just tell them I went jogging.

Mi Nam: Thanks, Shin Woo!

Shin Woo: I’m not taking your side, okay. I just don’t want anyone else in this house knowing about your misunderstanding with Tae Kyung to avoid further complications.

Mi Nam: I really owe you one.

Shin Woo: If you want to repay me. Make up with Tae Kyung as soon as possible. Got it?

Mi Nam: I’ll think about it.

Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) was so happy that she’d get to sleep in a bed tonight that she dozed off immediately the moment her back touched the comfy bed thinking that everything will be better in the following days to come…as what Mother Superior told her that day, God works in mysterious ways so just keep up with that faith.

It was a quiet morning when they were woken by a scream coming from one of the rooms in the A.N.Jell household.




4 thoughts on “Chapter 24: Because of You…

  1. both mi nyu and tk sure is taking a while too resolve their issue. Did someone walk into Mi nYu while she’s asleep?? Can’t wait for next update

    • yeah..TK is stubborn and MN believes she’s right…so there, as a result issue unresolved so far…
      yep someone walked in..i’m letting you guess..who that someone is ^^
      i’ll update soon ^^

  2. let me try; if min nyu screamed, GS walked in or It could be SH that walked in and SH screamed. Guys never/seldom screamed unless in anger/pain. Will wait for updates.

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