My Country Calls: Episode 2

Perfect timing…

For a mishap, that is!

Our lesson here, don’t stand by the door when you’re holding a gun or else this will happen which eventually leads to this.

Yes, it’s a blackout!

Here’s another lesson. What to do in a blackout when you don’t have flashlights?

Of course, use your mobile phone as an alternative, silly!

That way, you can still set apart the bad guys from the good guy, see?

Enough with the lessons already, let’s carry on with what’s going on with this mission.

Okay, here’s the lowdown on the situation. There seems to be a commotion inside the room. The emergency power came through but apparently someone shouted that there’s a fire then triggered the fire alarm to use it as a method of escape. In just a few seconds everything went into chaos. People were in an outbreak trying to get away from the venue. Fortunately, Agent Park Se Mi just passed out.

After ordering one of his men to take care of the unconscious agent, Mr. Tough Guy Jin Hyuk rushes off to go after our bad guys. However, it turned out to be another wild goose chase as the drug syndicate leader, Joo Soo Young was nowhere to be found inside the car to Jin Hyuk’s dismay.

Things might have gone catastrophic from Jin Hyuk’s standpoint but not for Ha Na. Together with her mother they managed to sneak away through the fire escape via the rooftop. Although, they encountered a bit of snag what with one of the operatives questioning their presence in that area. Quick thinking Ha Na, as usual finagled another excuse, that is, she has taken the wandering ahjumma for interrogationeven to the point of handcuffing her mom as proof. Finally, wearing that police uniform had it’s usefulness for the day despite bringing her a bit of trouble earlier on.

But as the saying goes some good things never last.

Or don’t they?

Clearly, it’s just a dream (okay, a nightmare then) that not only was she all over the news but also she got arrested as well.

The day starts with Ha Na’s bad dream, makes you wonder if the day will get any better for her and the others right? So, get ready as I’ll push that little fast forward button.

Still with her dream in mind, Ha Na was discussing with her mom regarding the possibility that she might have been recorded by the surveillance camera or her fingerprints gathered. Her mom reassured her that many people go to that place and it’ll be hard to get all those fingerprints and her looks are quite ordinary so no one would actually recognize her even if she gets recorded by the surveillance camera.Okay, who’s being the gullible one now? Ha Na, do you really believe what you’re mother is saying? You’re the police officer here, hence more knowledgeable on these matters. Alright, I’ll let that one slide, maybe it’s wishful thinking on your part that wants you to even consider your mother’s train of thought.

This day is really not starting to look good.

Jin Hyuk gets a good scolding from the Chief for acting so reckless during their operation. Mr. Chief, he’s not acting reckless, he’s just being his brash self as what all Mr. Tough Guy personas do, understand?

Next in line, the Chief gets his own brand of scolding from the NIA director due to the mess brought about by the failed ops that’s all over the newspapers. As if this wasn’t enough, both got reprimanded at the same time still for the same reasons. What do you expect?

Last but not least, our Officer Oh Ha Na gets a fairly good amount of scolding, too. Well, not because she was caught returning the handcuffs and stun gun but because she got a list of mobile phone numbers without approval.

Let’s move on, during lunch after the horse race, Joo Soo Young was just telling about killing anything useless. Thereafter, we see some new inmates eyeing Young Sam. Subsequently, we are now at the morgue with dead Young Sam. That was pretty fast! All in a thug day’s work, huh!

So far we had a bad dream, a scolding and now a killing, too.

Wow, the day doesn’t get any worse than this at least for Lee Young Sam.

Does this day get any better at all?

Well, apparently, things are looking up a bit for Jin Hyuk. Although, he lost his lead (with Young Sam being dead and resting peacefully at the morgue), it seems, he’s got a new one.

As with Ha Na, she’s well…somewhat breaking the law again. Having known from her loan shark friend by chance that her ex-boyfriend was actually getting engaged soon, she called the mobile phone numberfrom the list that she got from the police station and pretended to be from the engagement ceremony company that Lee Man Soo (aka ex-boyfriend) hired. She’s rather successful as she was able to get the details of the engagement and the name of the fiancée which obviously turns out to be Lee Sun Mi, Man Soo’s colleague at the bank.

Okay, I don’t get this; does this guy ever sleep at all? Wasn’t he supposed to go home earlier and rest? But instead, he continued the investigation only to find out that their Director gave the assignment to another team already. Now we see him attending an event with his mother. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that this event was an exclusive one as only the rich, the powerful and the cultured were invited. Fortunately, for Jin Hyuk, his mother belongs to the rich and cultured type so he was able to go with her. For what purpose you ask? Why of course to convince the NIA Director who’s also in the said event to reconsider his decision and re-assign his team to the case investigation. Yes, Jin Hyuk got what he wanted but at the price of his resignation if there’s no result within a month’s time.

From one desperate move to another (or so it seems), we find Ha Na just outside the engagement ceremony venue of her former boyfriend, Man Soo. No, she’s not out to get her old boyfriend back but more of annoy him and give him a piece of her mind, which was one (okay, two) of the things that she wasn’t able to muster of doing when he dropped the “let’s break up” bomb at her a few days ago. Since, she has plenty of time now at her hands; she sits by the stairs with that aggravating look while sipping her drink. Man Soo seem to mind it a lot (like tons, I bet) so he called a hotel personnel to remove her presence from the vicinity.

Of course, Ha Na wouldn’t let herself be taken away. She runs away and was even kicking and screaming after having been captured causing quite a commotion, too. Luckily, she was able to break away from her erstwhile captors and deserts them quickly.

But then our dear friend “coincidence” steps in. Yes, in the form of Agent Go Jin Hyuk looking sternly at her.

And so another round of Go chase Ha Na resumes.

While we’re at it, let’s have a quick game.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. To catch little Ha Na Oh,

Where should Agent Jin Hyuk Go, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Ah, Jin Hyuk went to the ladies room. Feeling sentimental, are we? After all, he first met Ha Na in one. After going over each one, we’re now down to one last cubicle.

Sorry, you got it wrong. Better luck next time, JH. This means only one thing…

She’s outsmarted you dude. See, she went inside the Men’s rest room. However, one can only win this game, right?

And it looks like, Agent Go is out (like literally, outside waiting for Ha Na) to win this one.

Agent Jin Hyuk versus Oh Ha Na faceoff Round 2!

Ha Na: Even if you’re from the Intelligence Agency, you should not do this.

Agent Jin Hyuk: What are you talking about?

Ha Na: You arrested someone for interrogation without enough reason. This is a violation of my human rights.

Is this enough reason for you, Ha Na? Looks to me like you’ve just tipped off the bad guys here.

And we’re back to hand holding and the “It’s hard to believe but you have to believe it, life is filled with unbelievable things.” talk. Déjà vu, anyone?

Come on, Ha Na. What’s with the puppy eyes? Do you think you can win over Agent Jin Hyuk with that?

This I can’t resist getting screen captures of! Agent Jin Hyuk interrogates Ha Na’s mother and in the same fashion Ha Na’s mom bangs her head at the table. Now you can see where Ha Na gets those“head banging” genes from!

While Ha Na was kept detained in the interrogation room, the investigation team has been searching her house for any evidence against her. When they didn’t find anything, they resorted to this…

Yes folks, the ever so reliable lie detector test. Now, why didn’t they think of that in the first place? They’re supposed to be like intelligent guys working for the “Intelligence Agency”. Get it?

Anyway, going back to Ha Na, she was asked if she knew the guy presented before her.

She replied No, but it turns out otherwise in the results. Clearly, she’s lying as seen by the irregularities in the graph which leads them to further doubt her statement that her involvement in their failed operations was purely coincidental.

However, they were puzzled since they can’t find any incriminating evidence at all linking her involvement to the drug syndicate. So, they had no choice but to let her go.

For the last time, let’s do this.

Agent Jin Hyuk: I’ll ask you one more time. Was it really the first time that you’ve seen the suspect?

Ha Na: Yes, it was the first time I saw him. I really don’t know him. I swear.

Agent Jin Hyuk: You swear?

Ha Na nods her head in agreement.

Ha Na, Ha Na, how dare you break the rules of the game? Didn’t we tell you, “No lying”?

Both mother and daughter gets released from detention and goes home to have a happy reunion meal only to be interrupted by their whiny tenant’s complaint. Yes, it’s still the age-old wallpaper issue. To alleviate the situation, Ha Na promised Mrs. Whiny Tenant that she’ll put up the wallpaper within the week. At any rate, in order for Ha Na to actually fulfill that promise she has to have money which at the moment she doesn’t have. In case you’ve forgotten, Geun Bae, the lowlife took the money and ran away with it.

So, clever Ha Na resorts to bribing Mr. Friendly Loan Shark that she’ll compensate him only if he tells her about Geun Bae’s whereabouts. Truth to tell, money talks!

Now, isn’t this a nice day to get caught? Isn’t Ha Na ingenious or what, pretending that her mother’s energy drink is a gun in order to scare Geun Bae into giving back the money that he took from her mother.

Game over, Ha Na! Let’s see how you get out of this.


It’s still an okay episode for me. Nothing really stands out but it was enjoyable to watch. I’m not sure if it’s just me but sometimes I feel that there’s a lag in the way the story is being presented. There’s a point that it slows down and puts in those filler scenes which I don’t think should have that much screen time. What surprised me a little in this episode was Agent Go Jin Hyuk being from a well-to-do family and not being forced to do his mother’s bidding regarding career choice. I mean, most KDramas have affluent families with tyrants as parents. With this one at least Jin Hyuk’s mother airs her dislike but does not aim to control her son’s life. I like all the characters so far. Yes, even the loan shark guy. Acting-wise, I like how Lee Soo Kyung breathes into life a street smart yet funny character. Not that I condone lying, but she manages to make lying look acceptable (‘cause she has her reasons for doing so) and hilarious (in a wacky sort of way, what with the facial expressions and all) at the same time. I just hope that in the next episodes to come, it keeps up a faster pace.


3 thoughts on “My Country Calls: Episode 2

  1. i love this drama.. its sooo funny 😀
    damn!… due to licence pending i can’t watch it 🙂
    do u understand korean.? if u can… can u please start drama recaps from eposide 8.. cause some site have subtitled video up to ep 7..
    thank you.. 😀

    • Oh, how I wish I could.
      I’m still learning the language myself and gets confused when someone pronounces the words differently than what it sounds in my head. 🙂
      So I still depend on the subs provided by either viikii or withs2. 🙂

  2. This is the funniest drama….I am enjoying it immensely and the best part is that I’m not looking for loopholes or bad acting….just going for the ride and having a blast!

    Thank you for the recap….it’s making me laugh all over again!

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