Chapter 16: Out of Sorts

Geun Seuk: What are you doing back here?

He Yi: I forgot my mobile phone.

Geun Seuk: Yeah right. What have you heard exactly?

He Yi: That she’s actually pretending to be her brother.

Mi Nam: He Yi, please don’t tell this to anyone.

Geun Seuk: It’s bad enough that I’m the only one who knows about it then you came into the picture.

He Yi: So, Mi Nyu, no one knows that you’ve been discovered? Not even Tae Kyung?

Mi Nam: No one except Geun Seuk and now you. Don’t mention this to Tae Kyung, he’ll be furious. You know how he is.

He Yi: Interesting. No wonder Geun Seuk’s so uptight about you. He’s trying to protect you. I’m curious how the rest of A.N.Jell will take it.

Geun Seuk: What’s wrong with you? She’s your boyfriend’s sister. You’re supposed to be on her side.

He Yi: So, you’re telling me you’re on her side? You’re willing to watch over her in exchange for what? Don’t tell me, you’re falling for her?

Geun Seuk: I’m not.

He Yi: Really? We’ll see about that. I’ll think about it. For now, my beauty rest awaits.

Geun Seuk: Don’t forget I have something on you.

He Yi: Same here, darling. Ta-ta.

Mi Nam: Oh, no. Now He Yi knows. We have a bad history together. I’m doomed.

Geun Seuk: Don’t worry. She won’t speak up about it to anyone. I’ll make sure of it. Go now, Tae Kyung’s waiting.

If only he was not that drawn in meeting Tae Kyung in person, he wouldn’t be in this muddled plight. How can he be not interested about Tae Kyung when all he hears from his father is how remarkable Tae Kyung is? He on his own has achieved so much already thus far but it seems not enough for his father. He grew up with him for goodness’ sakes and yet not even one word of admiration from him. He used to remember how glad he was when he and Shin Hye were legally adopted after their mother married Tae Kyung’s dad. Yes, he had someone share those father-son bonding moments (baseball games, camping, etc) with, yet in the middle of all this, he still envies Tae Kyung because although, Tae Kyung’s so far away in Korea, his dad never failed to always mention him. As a family, they even celebrate Tae Kyung’s birthday. How he hated those times when his father wants him to come along and choose a gift that they’ll be sending to Tae Kyung on his birthday when he was not even once asked what present he wanted for his birthday. Then he had to learn all those things that Tae Kyung knows just to prove to his father that he’s as good as if not better than Tae Kyung. It’s like he could already make a book, All I really needed to know, I learned from following in the footsteps of Tae Kyung. All these things paved way for him to be part of A.N.Jell, the same band where Tae Kyung belongs.

The only reason he’s here is to be able to prove to his father that he’s far better than Tae Kyung. Except, he suddenly got sidetracked when he met Mi Nam/Mi Nyu, then He Yi adding to this convoluted hapless mix-up of events. He’s got to stay in focus but by what means is an entire different story altogether. He’s got to stop being involved in Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) affairs which by far is easier said than done. He’s (She’s) so naïve it irritates him so much landing him in certain situations wherein he can’t avoid lending him (her) a hand. Wicked He Yi, on the other hand just exasperates him to no end. Everything, she does just provoke him. It’s like she’s trying his patience for no reason but her own. Unintentionally, he even promised Mi Nam (Mi Nyu), that he’ll ensure that He Yi won’t let slip that tiny bit of information about Mi Nyu pretending to be Mi Nam. How he wished he knew how everything got this complicated.

Waiting at the car, Tae Kyung can’t help but think how Geun Seuk’s presence kept bothering him, he just can’t point a finger to it. He’s certain though that he’s keeping something away from them and it seems He Yi’s aware of it.

Mi Nam: Sorry to have kept you waiting.

Tae Kyung: What took you so long?

Mi Nam: I had to thank Geun Seuk for what he did to sort out the kissing incident rumors.

Tae Kyung; And you can’t thank him in front of me?

Mi Nam: I just feel a bit uncomfortable if you’re there.

Tae Kyung: Yet, you feel comfortable around him is that it? It’s not that I’m jealous or anything. I just need to know the reason why it would make you uncomfortable with me being there.

Mi Nam: You’re jealous?

Tae Kyung: I already said I’m not.

Mi Nam: See, you’re making that jealous face.

Tae Kyung: I’m not. I’m confident. I still have your 100 points.

Mi Nam: Of course, so no need to be jealous, okay.

Tae Kyung: Let’s go home then, my lovable pig rabbit.

Upon reaching the A.N.Jell house, they noticed an unknown car parked outside their gate entrance.



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