Chapter 13: Close to You

Time stood still, well at least for Geun Seuk and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu).

“Why is Geun Seuk not moving? Everyone seems to be staring at us”, sensed Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). With that, he (she) just closed her eyes.

“My leg, it hurts. I can’t shift it anywhere. I think it got sprained somewhere”, reckoned Geun Seuk. Then he saw Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) close her eyes. “Is she hurt as well”, he suspected.

Tae Kyung: Get out of the way!  Geun Seuk, get off of him!

Shin Hye: Oppa! Mi Nam! Are you alright?

Geun Seuk: I can’t move. I think my leg’s injured.

Tae Kyung: Shin Woo, help me with Geun Seuk.

Manager Ma: I already called for an ambulance. It’s on its way now.

Tae Kyung: Hey, what‘s with your hands all over Mi Nam?

Shin Hye: I’m just checking if he’s hurt anywhere.

Tae Kyung: Are you a doctor? You’re not, so stop what you’re doing.

Shin Woo: Just look after your brother.

Feeling guilty, Shin Hye did as what Shin Woo told her. When she turned around, she came upon He Yi assisting her brother who’s still lying down to drink some water.

Geun Seuk: That’s a good girl.

He Yi: Fine. Mock me.

Geun Seuk: Whose fault was it that I was in this condition. You should thank me that I haven’t told anyone yet that you tripped me.

Shin Hye: He Yi, thanks for attending to my brother. You’re so kind.

He Yi: It’s alright. Everyone seems to be concerned with how Mi Nam is so I settled on taking care of your brother instead.

Shin Hye: Still I’m thankful. I remembered the dinner we had after we went out to the movies. My brother doesn’t seem to get along well with you.

He Yi: Oh that. It’s already forgotten. I’m a bit tactless at times, so it’s okay. No harm done.

Shin Hye: Can I leave my brother with you for a moment. I’ll just check with Manager Ma when the ambulance will be arriving.

He Yi: Sure. Go ahead. Take your time.

Geun Seuk: You sure are a great actress. You’re so nice awhile ago, it’s giving me goosebumps. No wonder Tae Kyung and the rest are so wary when you’re around.

He Yi: Well guess what? I don’t care.

When the ambulance arrived, Shin Hye and He Yi went with Geun Seuk to the hospital and the rest of the A.N.Jell followed in Tae Kyung’s car.

Jeremy: Hyung, do you think Geun Seuk will be alright?

Tae Kyung: He’ll be fine. He’s still talking isn’t he?

Mi Nam: I feel sorry for him. It’ supposed to be his big day today and then he got into this mishap.

Shin Woo: Don’t worry Mi Nyu. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Tae Kyung: You don’t need to be so bothered. It’s not your fault.

Jeremy: At least he’s not drunk and nauseous when he fell right into you.

Shin Woo: Jeremy.

Jeremy: Ooops. Sorry. I just suddenly remembered that time with Mi Nyu.

Shin Woo: I’m worried though, what stories will come out on tomorrow’s newspaper about this incident.




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