Chapter 12: On Pins and More Needles

What her sister told him bothered him a lot. However, the show must go on. He has to get some sleep. It’s his first major interview tomorrow together with the rest of A.N.Jell. He’ll be finally introduced as one of them.

The press conference was a success. Everyone who came was fascinated by him. Who won’t be when he’s given so little information about himself and yet was able to knock everyone’s socks off so to speak. At the party, everybody were congratulating A.N.Jell’s new member.

Mi Nam: Congratulations, Hyung. You were so good in answering their questions. During my time, I can’t really answer that well.

Geun Seuk: What? You were the one who was introduced not your brother?

Mi Nam: Well, it’s not really my intention but I absolutely had no choice.

Geun Seuk: Don’t continue. I certainly don’t want to know. And I told you before, keep your distance from me.

Mi Nam: So we’re okay then? You won’t tell anyone?

Geun Seuk: You’re annoying me. Stay away from me and my sister too.

Mi Nam: But you have to promise me first.

Tae Kyung: Promise what?

Geun Seuk: Oh, that he wants me to give him some guitar lessons.

Tae Kyung: Mi Nam, why him and not me, or Shin Woo?

Geun Seuk: He said you two are always busy whereas me, I have lots of free time. I’ll leave you guys alone. I’ll get us some beer.

Damn it. Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) sure got the better of him again. Who appointed him anyway to get Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) out of these inconvenient situations?  He has to think of the best way to deal with this problem, soon. He was headed to the counter still wrapped up in his thoughts when he came across He Yi.

He Yi: I heard Tae Kyung’s dad is very pleased that you’ve joined A.N.Jell.

Geun Seuk: Whatever.

He Yi: You and Tae Kyung are so alike. Don’t you know that? I’m sure you’ll be best friends in no time.

Geun Seuk: I told you before leave me alone.

With that Geun Seuk left and got some beer at the counter. On his way back, He Yi was standing by the corner waiting for him to pass the same way again.

He Yi: Okay, so you don’t want to talk about Tae Kyung. Let’s talk about Mi Nam.

Geun Seuk: What about him?

He Yi: Looks like the change of topic caught your attention.

Geun Seuk: I said what about him?

He Yi: I heard you two talking.

Geun Seuk: So? Guys talk.

He Yi: But I have a feeling there’s more to your conversation than what you’re telling.

Geun Seuk: None of your business.

He Yi: Okay, suit yourself. You’ll be sorry you didn’t tell me when I’m asking so nicely.

Jeremy (Shouting): Hey Geun Seuk, what’s taking you so long!

Geun Seuk: I’ll be right there!

Geun Seuk proceeded to go to their table when He Yi tripped him. Everyone was shocked not on account of almost everybody close by getting wet due to the beer that went soaring all over the place but because, he landed lips to lips with Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) that it looks like they were kissing to those who’s snapping pictures at them right now.



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