Chapter 18: At Wits’ End

Shin Hye: Maybe, father was right after all in always believing in Tae Kyung all these years. You just don’t have it in you!

With that being said, Shin Hye angrily left Geun Seuk’s hospital room. Geun Seuk can’t seem to fathom what made his sister think that he can be best of friends with Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). Ever since his sister befriended Mi Nam (Mi Nyu), she’s been off her rocker lately: being at loggerheads with Shin Woo over Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) and recently, eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation. Now, she’s even asking him to befriend Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) so that he will become Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) best friend and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) will be able to share everything with him secrets included. Then, he can tell her everything about Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) so that she’ll know what he likes and most likely if she does what Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) likes, he’ll finally like her back. What’s worse is that her sister doesn’t only expect him to become best friends with Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) but also to draw He Yi’s attention from Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). That request finally drove him round the bend that they had an argument which was so unheard of knowing how much his sister looks up on him. The so-called help his sister was asking from him isn’t a question of being in between a rock and a hard place but more of a hard sell. What’s more irritating is that his sister is asking him though indirectly to sort of compete against Tae Kyung over Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) friendship as if it’s not enough that he’s already putting up with him over their father’s affection and attention. He must get well soon then figure out what to do.

Meanwhile, at Tae Kyung’s room, Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) seems to be looking for something when Tae Kyung turned up.

Tae Kyung: What are you doing?

Mi Nam: I’m trying to find something?

Tae Kyung: Does that include rummaging through my things?

Mi Nam: I was thinking that probably…you might have found it already?

Tae Kyung: Tell me what it is and I’ll help search for it.

Mi Nam: You might get mad at me for losing it.

Tae Kyung: Losing what?  I hope, you don’t mean the clip I bought you before.

Mi Nam: That’s it. Sorry.

Tae Kyung: What’s with you and losing things? First, your ring and now the hair clip.

Mi Nam: I didn’t mean to lose it. Might have been just misplaced somewhere when I was hastily putting away all my stuff from my room to yours when Shin Hye moved in because I don’t want her to come across with any girly things in my room.

Tae Kyung: Fine. I forgive you. By the way, have you found your ring yet?

Mi Nam: Not yet, but I’m still looking for it when I have my free time.

Tae Kyung: Don’t worry. I’ll help you search for that one too.

Mi Nam: Oh!

Tae Kyung: What?

Mi Nam: It’s my ticket to Rome! You kept it!

Tae Kyung: That’s yours?

Mi Nam: See, here. It’s my name.

Tae Kyung: So that’s you that I bumped into at the airport.

Mi Nam: Yes. When you took off your sunglasses, I recognized you and I was afraid that you’d instantly know me so I immediately left.

Tae Kyung: So that’s why I can’t seem to locate you because you were actually hiding from me.

Mi Nam: Right. I don’t know what to do then. Should have I had more courage to face you and get my ticket? However, on the contrary, I was too afraid that you’ll identify me as Mi Nam so as a result my flight left without me.

Tae Kyung: So, if you have gotten your ticket and went on to your flight, you would have not been Mi Nam.

Mi Nam: Partly yes. When I was left at the airport, I did a lot of thinking about what Manager Ma said to me regarding my brother’s dream while listening to the songs in your media player, that’s when I decided to become my brother.

Tae Kyung: Listening to my songs in my media player? You had it?

Mi Nam: About that, remember, we bumped into each other…you had my plane ticket and I on the other hand got your media player.

Tae Kyung: But, I don’t remember you returning it back to me.

Mi Nam: It’s because, you didn’t know I gave it back to you.

Tae Kyung: When? Was it the time when you unfortunately messed up my things?

Mi Nam: Not really. It was way before that. Don’t you recall the bidet incident? I secretly went to you room to return it when I heard someone’s footsteps. I panicked. I don’t know what to do so I hid myself in your bathroom. Unluckily, you found me out.

Tae Kyung: I should be thankful then that we bumped into each other. After all these time, I would have never believed in destiny…fate or call it what you will. Who would have known that all those coincidences that happened between us and even with our parents being acquainted with each other in the past has led us to this….to US?

Mi Nam: I have always believed that my father has been looking out for me all this time.

Tae Kyung: Yeah. Probably, the happy ending he never had with your mother, he wanted you instead to have it. You have me. I’ll make sure we’ll have the happy ending that you truly deserve.

Mi Nam: You have indeed changed. Haven’t you? I wouldn’t have heard all of that from the old Tae Kyung.

Tae Kyung: I’m still me. Just the improved version, I guess. After all, I have to maintain having your 100 points. Oh!

Mi Nam: What?

Tae Kyung: I think I stepped onto something.

Mi Nam: It’s my clip! It’s broken again.

Tae Kyung: I fixed it before. I’ll fix it again.

Mi Nam: For something so cheap. It’s kind of durable don’t you think?

They were both laughing out loud that they didn’t notice Shin Hye’s already in their room.

Shin Hye: I hate to disturb you guys but I need to ask Mi Nam a favor.




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  1. woow!! thanks 4 updating!!

    i wonder wats gonna happen when Shin Hye finds out that Mi Nam is a girl??

    pls update soon

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