Chapter 20: Illusions

He Yi: Finally! You picked up my call!

Geun Seuk: Why are you calling me?

He Yi: Haven’t you heard?

Geun Seuk: What?

He Yi: Are you playing dumb or what? You really make me so angry!

Geun Seuk: I don’t know what put you in such a bad mood so don’t take it out on me.

He Yi: You and me being in a bad mood is quite synonymous nowadays.

Geun Seuk: So? If you’re not telling me what you called for. I’ll hang up.

He Yi: Don’t you dare!

Geun Seuk: Time is running…tick tock tick tock…

He Yi: You and I will be in an MV together!

Geun Seuk: What? Did I just hear you say that we’ll be in an MV together as in YOU and ME?

He Yi: Not only that we’ll be featured together with Mi Nam and Tae Kyung.

Geun Seuk: Why include me? I’m just a newbie.

He Yi: You’re the newbie that’s why they wanted you in the MV, too. It’s supposed to add to your popularity being seen in the same MV with stars as popular as Mi Nam, Tae Kyung and me.

Geun Seuk: So why do they have to include you and not A.N.Jell only?

He Yi: Hello! It’s an MV for my movie.

Geun Seuk: Oh! And I guess being you, that’s not the only reason why you called me. I could have heard that news from the others.

He Yi: Great. You’re catching up. Now, what I need for you to do is back out of this MV.

Geun Seuk: What?

He Yi: I’m sure you’re not deaf. I told you to back out of this MV.

Geun Seuk: As you’ve said I’m the newbie. You’re the star, you tell them to remove me from being casted in the MV.

He Yi: I can’t. I have an image to protect. I’m the nation’s kind fairy.

Geun Seuk: Nation’s fairy…more like wicked witch.

He Yi: It’s not important what you think what I care is what the nation will think about me. So, you have to do it.

Geun Seuk: What makes you think that I’ll do it?

He Yi: Because, if you don’t do as I say, I’ll tell everyone about Mi Nam’s secret and how you tried to hide it.

Geun Seuk: But Mi Nam is your boyfriend he will be affected by this.

He Yi: I can make up a tale or two so that he’ll not be inflicted so much about the issue.

Geun Seuk: I won’t do it. You’re just bluffing.

He Yi: Let’s see. You’re forgetting something. I still have another ace up my sleeve. I can call Tae Kyung and tell him that you’re his step sibling. I’m sure he’ll be happy about how you’ve kept it a secret.

Geun Seuk: Damn you, He Yi!

He Yi: Rest well so you can think about what excuse you’ll give to everyone so that you’ll be taken out of the MV. Bye darling.

He Yi’s laughter as she hung up the call irritated Geun Seuk. As annoyed and irked as he may be, however, he has no choice but to do her bidding.

Meanwhile, it’s not only Geun Seuk who appears to be upset. Tae Kyung and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) spent the drive home in total silence. Tae Kyung is bothered that Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) is getting close to Geun Seuk and that Geun Seuk seems to have earned Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) trust.

Tae Kyung: You’re unusually silent. I don’t like it when you’re speechless. It means that you have a lot on your mind. I dislike it when you have a lot on your mind. It makes you think of crazy things. So spill it. What are you thinking about?

Mi Nam: Uhmm…I was thinking Geun Seuk was kind of nice returning to me the ring, don’t you think so?

Tae Kyung: I guess so.

Mi Nam: Do you think we can tell him our secret?



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