My Country Calls: Episode 1

They look fierce, don’t they?

But, seriously, borrowing what our feisty heroine has to say “Must we really have to do this?”

What I was referring to was the X-File-ish music theme going on in the background while what seems to be a serious interrogation of sorts unfolds before us.

Anyways, continuing on, easily at first glance, it gives us an impression that our tough police woman was grilling the guy for information BUT apparently it’s the other way around. The truth is, Officer Oh Ha Na was brought in as a suspect and was the object of the investigation.

With a straight face, (yes, literally—see images above) our resolute inquisitor (For now we’ll call him that since his identity has not yet been imparted at this point.) cross-examines the validity of Officer Oh Ha Na’s testimony. However, her plead for innocence (Just look at those expressions!) just doesn’t cut it. So, what else was our heroine left to do but to let the other person know how sincerely truthful her claims were. And she does it like this…

Ha Na: it’s unbelievable, but you have to believe all of it because life is filled with unbelievable things.

Way to go girl! Looking at their expressions were just priceless! Just imagine what was going on their minds when Ha Na held both her inquisitor’s hands.

Anyhow, it appears that our inquisitor has not been moved by her narrative but instead shouted at her. Why would he not lose his patience with her? The answer to which lies at the other side of the one way glass mirror.

Two men were discussing about Officer Oh Ha Na. Obviously, the inquisitor has a good enough reason of not accepting the truth in Ha Na’s statement. What would be able to persuade him that she’s telling the truth when her records relate otherwise. She’s even been in jail twice! Talk about rotten! So really, you can’t blame them, if they’re not convinced whether or not she tipped off someone from the drug syndicate.

In probably a last ditch effort to catch whether Ha Na’s lying or not, our persistent inquisitor engaged Ha Na again to give an account of what transpired that fateful 14th day of March except that he did not anticipate Ha Na to disclose it with such an ornate articulation.

It’s quite amusing when she blurted out those rhetorical testimonials. Just for laughs, you’d think she made a blunder of a career choice by being a police woman instead of a writer!

Moving on to fully understand how deep in trouble Ha Na is at this moment, let’s do a little flashback time with the butterfly.

Here we see Ha Na picking out a dress she’ll be using when she proposes marriage to her boyfriend that day when she’s interrupted by these thugs asking for protection-rental fees from the stall owner. Then it’s fearless Officer Ha Na to the rescue. Now that they’re back to business, Ha Na bargains for a discount which eventually leads to a barter trade of sorts with her getting the dress in exchange for the energy drink! Nicely done! She pulled a fast one with the stall owner. Just smooth, she’s no better than those thugs. Okay, fine she’s the lesser of two evils anyway!

Now it’s proposal time!

NOT! It turns out it’s just a false alarm.

Finally, the real deal arrived and so there goes Ha Na singing out to her heart’s content. She looked so happy even though, she practically murdered Lee Seung Gi’s Will You Marry Me song.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend refused her marriage proposal. Could it be because Lee Seung Gi was his favorite singer and Oh Ha Na bombed at singing his song? Nah, her jerk of a boyfriend used her mother’s troublesome ways as an excuse. What a loser!

What’s more, he breaks up with her at that instant! He even had the nerve to give her an envelope with money then greeted her a happy birthday! OMG! He just declined her proposal and broke up with her but still had the audacity to greet her a “happy” birthday! How could he do that to her! Despite of it, she’s trying all her mighty best to gather her composure. See that look?

After the idiotic creep left, what’s our heroine left to do at this awful moment? Yes, the cliché, let’s get drunk like this…


And this.

Until you become like this.

Which leads to our clichéd meet cute (Yes, the mistaken identity type one), only there’s really nothing cute about it from my POV and though others may digress and there I rest my case.

Continuing ahead, Ha Na happened to fortuitously discover a guy who placed a tiny camera at the women’s restroom. The guy (the very same false alarm boyfriend) tried his best to explain what the situation was all about but to no avail our sassy though a bit drunk miss could not care less to listen much less believe what he was saying. A struggle in what ended with a head butt ensues and our guy escapes only to be caught by our main girl who literally punched the lights out of him.

Yes, like this.

Ha Na cited that the last thing she recalled that happened that day were they were both escorted to the police station and this disgusting thing called throwing up.

Then we go back to having a field day with this merry-go-round called interrogation process .

Undercover Guy: Officer Oh Ha Na, you obstructed the NIA (National Intelligence Agency) investigation. If you’re found to have worked together with the criminal syndicate last night to obstruct our investigation, you will be subject to disciplinary action.

Ha Na: Do you have proof?

Undercover Guy: Officer Oh Ha Na. You have been caught red-handed while divulging confidential information to others in the past, right? You were even warned because you didn’t return confiscated items right?

Ha Na: Well, those were in the past.

Undercover Guy: Because of you screaming “Police” here and there, the suspect managed to escape! Please tell us the truth, how did you manage to find out about our investigation. We shall give you a chance to save yourself.

Ha Na: I will be honest with you. When I saw you in that whole attire and get-up…Ah, this jerk…

Undercover Guy: Jerk?

Ha Na: Ah… this man is a psycho who targets female rest rooms. So upon my conclusion, I decided to act on my righteousness as a police officer.

Undercover Guy: A police officer’s sense of righteousness? Then why did you hit me? If you don’t tell the truth, we will bring your boyfriend in here to interrogate him.

Good job inquisitor guy! You’ve mentioned the most dreaded magic word (“boyfriend”) of all. See what you did to her? She’s gone from shocked to crazy! End of investigation.

Kidding aside, the head honcho of their division decided to just close the case against Officer Ha Na since aside from some minor embezzlement records they really can’t find any substantial evidence towards her.

We’ll do the next couple of scenes the fast way since it kind of became draggy for me at the middle of this episode. Although, make no mistake, I still think it’s quite important (but not as necessary for me to detail it in this recap, that’s your assignment already) that they show us those scenes since it basically describes where Oh Ha Na’s character is coming from.

She’s got this mundane life which can be pretty much summarized into being a habitually reprimanded police officer, having a troublesome mother, practically at the beck and call of a whiny tenant and last but not least an ex-girlfriend to a rotten almost fiancée ex-boyfriend.

At the other end of the rainbow, we see Mr. Tough Guy’s world. Nope, there’s no pot of gold found there, but more like a stockpile of felons.

We see him at work. He’s the head of the investigation team assigned to apprehend drug traffickers. From their extensive high-tech gadgetries, it was found out that the left-hand man (Lee Young Sam) of the drug syndicate had a drugs exchange at a public bath with an active drug trafficker in Busan known as Han Jung Pil. It was derived that the drugs were still at Han Jung Pil’s hands so Mr. Tough Guy gave out orders to tail Han Jung Pil and take him into custody, while he himself takes off to nail Lee Young Sam at where else, but Lee Young Sam’s wedding itself! He even undertakes the uncompromising task of psychological blackmail to engage the arrested Lee Young Sam to divulge his needed information at a record-breaking 2 minutes and 30.7 seconds. Whew, talk about effortless! He sure makes it a tough act to follow!

While things are looking good at Go Jin Hyuk’s (aka Mr. Tough Guy) end, everything’s seems to go wrong at Oh Ha Na’s front. She just received the bad news that she’s been temporarily suspended for 3 weeks until the final report from the NIA has been completed regarding the investigation of the mishap wherein she was unfortunately involved. In addition to her suspension the misfortune of having no salary for this time period has placed her in dire financial straits.

How dire, you ask? This dire! Look! She’s selling (okay, hoodwinked is more appropriate) her mom’s energy drinks to these two lowlifes (While in uniform too, no less!).

What do we have here? Didn’t I tell you her mom just loves to stir trouble? Yes, the kind of trouble wherein she deceives her daughter so as to get money in order to buy a month’s supply of imported supplements. I was like so irritated at her! Come on, her daughter is a police officer and she buys these stuff from a questionable character at what looks like a shady venue.

In the meantime, the whiny tenant called Ha Na asking for the money to be used to wallpaper their walls. Now that she knows her mother is at it again, off our heroine goes to the rescue of her foolish Omma. She stops by her police station to get the cuffs and what looks like a stun gun and proceeds to the night club (aka shady venue) to find her dearest mom. Good thing she found her immediately but in such an undesirable company that of Guen Bae, the low life.

Upon seeing her arrive, Guen Bae, the low life takes it as his cue to leave the ahjummas at the mercy of Officer Oh Ha Na. Ha Na asks her mother to hand the money back to her but unluckily her dear mom does not have the money anymore because she’s given it already to Geun Bae as payment for the said supplements.

She chases Geun Bae and catches up with him demanding the money that he took from her mother. Geun Bae couldn’t care less (‘cause you know he’s in thugs territory). Ha Na doesn’t give a damn as well and even warns Geun Bae that her colleagues are on standby outside (Yeah, right. As if.)

Hearing this, Geun Bae escapes in order to tip off his boss who is in a drugs exchange process as they speak.

Did I forget to mention, Mr. Tough Guy, Jin Hyuk is at the same place too, simply because they have a sting operation to entrap the leader of the drug syndicate. And they say that lightning does not strike twice. But in Ha Na’s situation, bad luck comes in droves this instance included.

So what’s our girl got to do but hide of course! In the nick of time, she found a place to hide. Where else?

Oops! Wrong room!

Double oops! What’s a lady doing lying down there for? Hope she’s not dead.

She attempted to get out fast but not fast enough as she was caught by these two thugs by the door. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s really on a roll of uber bad luck as one of the thugs pulled her jacket, it was revealed that she was a cop.

She pulls out her gun…

He tries to enter the room and you can see for yourself what happened.

Were the bad guys caught? Hmmm… at this rate do you think will they ever be caught?

Let’s see in the next episode…


Overall, it was an okay premier episode for me. Although, they could have done it better if they’d just cut out some of the unnecessary scenes in the middle part of it ‘cause as what I’ve mentioned earlier it kind of slowed down the pace of what’s supposed to be for me a fast paced rom-com/action drama. Still, the usual drama cliché’s are there but it‘s alright, at least for now since I think it’s used for story development.

Credits: Some portions of the dialogs found in the recap came from WithS2


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