Chapter 11: Tip of the Iceberg

So, here’s where we’re at now, inside the cinema…where Tae Kyung’s beside Mi Nam (Mi Nyu), who’s seated next to Shin Woo, who’s settled just alongside Shin Hye with He Yi depositing herself in between Jeremy and Geun Seuk.

By the sound of their laughter, it seems Tae Kyung and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) were the only ones enjoying the movie…as for the rest well…

“Mi Nam should be next to me, if not for that darn Shin Woo,” complained Shin Hye rashly.

“Were you talking to me?” Shin Woo inquired flat-out and got a scowl in response.

“Thank goodness, I was fast enough and got seated beside Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) or else Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) would be in discomfort sitting side by side with Shin Hye. What’s more, she might observe something odd between Tae Kyung and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu)”, Shin Woo figured.

“Should I exchange seats with Shin Woo? I should seat beside Shin Hye. She’s my sister after all. Actually, anywhere far from He Yi would be good. She just gets on my nerves”, contemplated Geun Seuk.

“Geun Seuk’s piqued. I can tell by that exasperated look on his face after I sat beside him. I can’t help it. I enjoy ruffling someone’s feathers, particularly if I have an aversion towards that someone, “He Yi thought with a sly smile on her face.

“Who cares if He Yi’s next to me? Shin Hye’s close by my side’, regarded Jeremy to himself cheerfully.

“By the looks of it Mi Nam is closest to Tae Kyung. Probably because they’ve been room mates before. Perhaps I should try to be friendlier towards Tae Kyung. With him being a close friend of Mi Nam, he can put in a good word for me. Who knew watching a movie with them will actually make me realize what’s there right before my eyes. Good thinking Shin Hye,’ she silently congratulated herself.

“I shouldn’t have gone with them. But then who’s going to bail out Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) if he does something foolish? Wait. Why am I thinking about that again? Some tough luck I have. I had to deal with her and now with He Yi too, who really annoys him for no apparent reason. It sure sucks to be Geun Seuk right now.”

Going to the movies was awful for most but it turns out dinner was going from bad to worse for everyone.

He Yi: So Geun Seuk. Tell us more about yourself.

Geun Seuk: Nothing to tell, really.

He Yi: I heard from Pres. Ahn that he was the one who discovered you. He said he and your dad had been close acquaintances these past few years.

Geun Seuk: So what’s it to you?

He Yi: Well, in case you don’t know. I have this habit of knowing more about a person than what they would intend for me to be aware of. Right, Tae Kyung?

Tae Kyung: Just say it, no beating around the bush.

He Yi: I’m just saying that. No need to be alarmed or bothered. We’re friends after all.

Tae Kyung: I’m not your friend nor ever will be.

He Yi: Probably not you. Among you, I guess Mi Nyu’s more open to my friendship. Oh, do they know about Mi Nyu? She’s (swiftly glancing at Mi Nam) his twin sister. She used to borrow my clothes. One time a reporter mistakenly thought of her as me and followed her around.

Shin Woo: That’s enough. She’s not here so there’s no use of bringing her up in this conversation.

He Yi: Oh. Sorry, Shin Woo. Here I was thinking that you got over her already.

Shin Woo: I am over her. I’ll always be her friend, though.

He Yi: How nice. Don’t you think so, Tae Kyung? Mi Nyu would just love to hear that, wherever she is.

Tae Kyung: Stop dragging her name into this.

He Yi: Okay. Let’s go back to Geun Seuk…

Geun Seuk: I’m here to be part of A.N.Jell and that does not include you, He Yi, so leave me alone.

He Yi: Fine. I’ll get off your case. Just a warning though. The last person who told me to leave him alone dated me. Isn’t that so, Tae Kyung? Well, it’s been fun. I have to go ahead now. I have an early magazine shoot tomorrow. It’s been great catching up with everyone.

With that, He Yi finally left. Peace was restored somehow. Well at least on the surface.

At the A.N.Jell residence, everyone already fell asleep except for our brother and sister duo.

Shin Hye: Come outside. We need to talk.

Geun Seuk: I told you to stop sending me SMS at night. Will you just sleep? The guys and I have an interview tomorrow morning. So please, just give it a rest for now.

Shin Hye: But, it’s really important.

Geun Seuk: Just be quick with whatever it is you want to say.



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