Chapter 14: Up a Blind Alley

For some reason Tae Kyung woke up early which is quite unusual specially when they spent roughly a few hours at the hospital and went home in the wee hours of the morning. He picked up the newspaper by their doorstep when he choked on his coffee.


Geun Seuk and Mi Nam lingered in a kiss amidst the small mishap. What happens now to He Yi? Is Geun Seuk or Mi Nam hiding something in their closets? Does this spell the end for our Yi-Nam couple? It wasn’t a long time ago when then new A.N.Jell, Go Mi Nam was featured in an MV along with Yoo He Yi and Hwang Tae Kyung forming a love triangle. This time around, it looks like it’s He Yi versus Mi Nam battling it out for Geun Seuk. We’ll see who wins this round.

Tae Kyung was shocked not only from what the headline and the whole article said but also from the pictures shown.

Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) eyes were closed and Geun Seuk’s lips were still touching his (hers) that it gives the impression of a lingering kiss. Making things worse were separate shots wherein He Yi was helping out Geun Seuk drink water and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) seated eyeing He Yi and Geun Seuk from a distance looking like he’s (she’s) moping.

Shin Woo: Hey Tae Kyung, what’s wrong?

Tae Kyung: Just read this. Then, you tell me what’s wrong.

Shin Woo: No wonder I had a bad feeling about this last night.

Tae Kyung: It’s that reporter Kim Young Woo from Daily Nation again.

Shin Woo: It seems he has some grudge against us that he’s out to prove that there’s something off with Go Mi Nam. He still can’t believe that the Go Mi Nam he uncovered then at the airport was a guy and not a female as what he had figured out before.

Jeremy: Oh! You two woke up early too? Why look so gloomy?

Shin Woo (Handing the newspaper to Jeremy): See for yourself.

Jeremy: Oh! No!

Tae Kyung: Precisely.

Jeremy: Hyung, what should we do?

Manager Ma (Scurrying towards Tae Kyung): Tae Kyung, have you seen the papers? Is Mi Nyu awake already? Has she read this? We have to put a lid on this.

At the hospital, it appears that Geun Seuk had also seen that morning’s papers with the same appalling headline. Fortunately, he told Shin Hye to go home and get some clothes earlier or else she might have read it first. He must resolve this quickly. With that in mind, he began calling He Yi’s number.

He Yi:  Who are you?

Geun Seuk: And good morning to you too. Isn’t it great that I insisted on asking for your number last night? I never thought I’d ever get the chance to call you.

He Yi: Geun Seuk?

Geun Seuk: Bingo!

He Yi: I thought I was having a nightmare when I heard your voice calling my name.

Geun Seuk: It’s not a nightmare. It will be one if you don’t help me in cleaning up the mess you’ve created.

He Yi: My what?

Geun Seuk: Have you already forgotten that you tripped me?

He Yi: So? You’re in the hospital already.

Geun Seuk: I think you have to read this morning’s papers. That will help enlighten you in the state of things right now.

There was a short silence, when suddenly Geun Seuk heard He Yi laughing at the other end of the line.

Geun Seuk: Why are you laughing?

He Yi: Because this is just ridiculous.

Geun Seuk: Really? Is it? I wonder why.

He Yi: The article implies that either one of you or both are …you know.

Geun Seuk: Exactly. And I don’t want those rumors about me or Mi Nam spreading further.

He Yi: Really. You’re so concerned about Mi Nam that somehow makes me want to believe what the article says.

Geun Seuk: Damn it. This is no joking matter.

He Yi: Is it? You worry too much about Mi Nam.

Geun Seuk: I’m not. You have to rectify the situation. Or else…

He Yi: What?

Geun Seuk: I’ll ruin your miss goody two shoes image. I’ll call the reporters and tell them that you tripped me that’s why I’m in the hospital right now.

Everyone was seated in the living room trying to figure out what to do to remedy the situation.

Mi Nam: Good morning everyone! Manager Ma, you’re here?  Do I have a schedule today?

Manager Ma: No. Tae Kyung, Shin Woo, I think it’s better if you tell her.

Tae Kyung: There’s some rumors going around about you, He Yi and Geun Seuk.

Shin Woo: What Tae Kyung’s trying to say is that there’s really no easy way to say this. I think you have to watch the news. Jeremy, turn on the TV.

Mi Nam: Are they saying that …

Tae Kyung: Wait, what’s that? Jeremy, can you turn up the volume.

Shin Hye who just came in surprisingly saw what’s on TV.

Shin Hye: Why are there lots of reporters in Oppa’s room? Is that He Yi beside him?



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