Chapter 04: Déjà vu, Anyone?

Mi Nam: Hyung!

Shin Woo: Think back, don’t you see how Shin Hye is when she’s with you?

Mi Nam: Not really.

Shin Woo: It’s like this. Who gives you water when your thirsty? Who hands you a towel after practice? Who volunteers to wash your clothes? Who treats you to ice cream? Who always gets and wants to be seated beside you breakfast, lunch or dinner? Who…

Mi Nam: No. Stop.

Shin Woo: You’ve got to have at least noticed those things. At times during band practice, I even caught her a couple of times just staring at you. She’s even blushing when you’re just talking to her.

Mi Nam: I really don’t know.

Shin Woo: I’m just looking out for you as always that’s why I was able to pick up on these things.

Mi Nam: Hyung, thank you for watching out for me. I have to think about …

Tae Kyung: … about what?

Mi Nam: Hyungnim! You’re still up.

Tae Kyung: Of course, I’m still up. It’s a bit late already and you’re still not in our room. I have to find you again won’t I?

Mi Nam: Sorry.

Staring icily at Shin Woo, Tae Kyung inquired Mi Nam.

Tae Kyung: So what were you thinking about?

Mi Nam: Uhmm… I was thinking about…

Perceiving that the question is indirectly thrown at him, Shin Woo interrupted Mi Nam’s response.

Shin Woo : …what she’s going to do this weekend.

Tae Kyung: About the weekend we’re going out just the two of us, ok. So block off your schedule for this weekend. No shopping, sight-seeing or eating out with Shin Hye, understand? That pesky sister of Geun Seuk is always there with you, it irritates me. Come on, let’s go to sleep.

Mi Nam: I have to get this (referring to the tea) to Shin Hye first.

Tae Kyung: See what I mean?

Mi Nam: I’ll just bring this to her then I’ll go immediately to our room.

Tae Kyung: Okay. Hurry.

Sleep seemed elusive to Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) that night. All she kept thinking about was what Shin Woo told her. Shin Woo seems to be right spot on with his observations. Even Tae Kyung who’s unaware of hers and Shin Woo’s topic of conversation was quick to comment on Shin Hye’s apparent presence wherever Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) is. It’s seems Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) is again in trouble without her meaning to be in one. “What should I do?”, she silently said to herself before finally dozing off to sleep most likely still pondering on how to resolve this unnecessary dilemma that she’s unknowingly woven herself into.

The next few days, Geun Seuk noted Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu) evident avoidance of her sister. Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) always refuses what Shin Hye’s doing for her. Come to think of it, Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu) even seated next to either Tae Kyung, Shin Woo or Jeremy but never beside her sister. He’s troubled what could have caused Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu) sudden turnaround of conduct towards her sister. He needs to speak to Mi Nam right away about this when he remembered that Mi Nam was left behind at Pres Ahn’s office still talking to stylist Wang. So, he decided to approach him there, at least it’s a bit private and no one will interrupt them.

On his way there, he heard voices which seemed to be in an argument over something.

Wang: You should tie it here so it’s much tighter, it won’t easily fall.

Mi Nam: But it’s too tight. It’ll be hard for me to move a lot.

Wang: No. Listen to me first. Just do as I say ok? Now, put your pants down.

Geun Seuk thought,” What? Did I just heard stylist Wang asking … well more like commanding Mi Nam to put his pants down?”. Is Mi Nam and stylist Wang an item? That’s why Mi Nam no longer bothers with her sister? This, he’s got to check into thoroughly. Not trusting what he might see or hear and he has to have proof in case his sister demands for one, he got his mobile phone out and started recording.

Wang: Now. Try moving a lot. See if it falls down.

Mi Nam: It did not fall and I can move fine. Great!

Wang: See I told you.

Mi Nam: Good thing you’re always here for me. It’s really hard pretending to be a guy when I just want to be me, Mi Nyu, Mi Nam’s twin sister.

“Did I hear it right?”, Geun Suk asked himself. Then he played the video again. He really heard it right. This Mi Nam is Mi Nam’s twin sister Mi Nyu. “What’s going on here?, he said in disbelief. He needs to pry the truth out of this Mi Nam or Mi Nyu whatever. He caught Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) going down the stairs, then called out loud….

Geun Suk: Mi Nyu!

Mi Nam: Oppa!

When Mi Nam(Mi Nyu)  turned around, she was surpised to see that it was Geun Seuk holding a mobile phone looking straight at her.



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