Chapter 19: Pandora’s Box

Geun Seuk: What are you doing here?

Mi Nam: Your sister asked me for a favor and I couldn’t say no to her.

Geun Seuk: Fine. So what is it?

Mi Nam: She told me to give this envelop and little box to you and for me to wait for whatever you have to say. Do you want me to leave while you’re reading the letter?

Geun Seuk: No. I want whatever this is to be over and done with as quickly as possible.

Brother dearest,

I know we had our little argument yesterday. To make up for it, I found the ring that you and Mi Nam were looking for. I wanted you to be the one to give it to him. It’s in the small box that accompanied this letter.

Your sister,

Shin Hye


Geun Seuk: Take it.

Mi Nam: You’re giving me the box? But Shin Hye instructed me to give it to you.

Geun Seuk: Just take it.

Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) can’t believe her eyes when he (she) saw the ring that he (she) wrapped Geun Seuk in a tight embrace. Geun Seuk was sort of dazed with Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) reaction. Were those tears? The ring must have been really important to him (her) for him (her) to feel that way. Tae Kyung who just came inside the room was completely shocked when he came upon the scene of Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) hugging Geun Seuk.

Tae Kyung: Go Mi Nam!

Mi Nam: Oh! Tae Kyung! Look! It’s my ring! Geun Seuk found it.

Tae Kyung: He found it? And brought it here with him in the hospital?

Mi Nam: Of course, he found it at home. I think he asked his sister to bring it to him so that he can give it to me since he’s still in the hospital.

Tae Kyung: Is that so?

Geun Seuk: Yes. Uhmm…while I was resting I remembered that I found the ring so I called up my sister to ask Mi Nam to bring the box and informed her that in no circumstance for Mi Nam to know what the box contains.

Tae Kyung: You could have just told your sister to give the ring back to Mi Nam. Why go through all that trouble?

Geun Seuk: Because I don’t break a promise. I told Mi Nam that I’ll give back the ring to him, which means giving it to him personally. Now since, I’m at the hospital I can’t give him the ring when it’s back at the house so I ordered my sister to do those things for me. Besides, I don’t want Mi Nam to go through enough trouble looking for the ring when in fact I found it already. What’s with this interrogation anyway?

Mi Nam: Hyungnim, I know Geun Seuk means well. He did find the ring. That’s what’s important. I’m sure Mi Nyu would be happy that I got it back.

Tae Kyung: Fine. So he gave you the ring. You got it already. Let’s go then.

Mi Nam: Thanks again. I’m in your debt.

Whew. That was close, thought Geun Seuk. It was quick thinking on his part that pulled him through all those questions from Tae Kyung. What he can’t understand at all is the possessiveness of Tae Kyung towards Mi Nam (Mi Nyu).  He recalled that even He Yi once remarked that wherever Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) goes Tae Kyung follows. Does it have something to do with what Shin Hye told him about Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) and Tae Kyung’s parents being some sort of acquaintances? Did Mi Nam’s father have an affair with Tae Kyung’s mother which resulted in having Mi Nam and Mi Nyu? Could it have been the reason why his dad separated with Tae Kyung’s mother? Arrrgh…this is becoming more frustrating not to mention more complicated each day. Back in the US, he thought that everything will be as easy as joining the group and outdoing Tae Kyung. Now, he can’t even focus, what with keeping Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) secret at the same time preventing He Yi from disclosing Mi Nam’s (Mi Nyu’s) identity, Shin Hye’s sort of infatuation over Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) and Tae Kyung’s wrath almost upon him. Speaking of He Yi, she’s been calling him for a number of times already. What could she want from him this time?



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