Chapter 23: When The Going Gets Tough…

He Yi: I was on my way here to talk to Mi Nam when I saw him so we had our little talk then I gave him a lift home. End of story. So what’s for dinner? I suddenly became hungry.

Tae Kyung: I don’t recall us inviting you for dinner.

He Yi: Now why that attitude? I gave Mi Nam a lift after all.

Shin Hye: Guys can’t she just join us? She did provide Mi Nam a ride and she did help out my brother during that accident at the party.

He Yi: See, at least someone here appreciates the goodness that I have done.

Tae Kyung: Fine. Let’s move on with dinner so that you can get going.

He Yi seated herself beside Tae Kyung who moved away and sat across her instead. Jeremy headed beside Tae Kyung. Shin Woo sat right beside Jeremy. Everyone was almost seated except for Mi Nam and Shin Hye. The only vacant seats were the ones in between Tae Kyung and He Yi and Shin Woo.

Mi Nam (thinking out loud): What do I do? Where should I sit?

He Yi: Did you say something Mi Nam?

Mi Nam: Uh…I said I should sit down already…

He Yi: You can choose to sit beside Tae Kyung or Shin Woo. Either way you’d still get to seat beside me. Isn’t that great, Tae Kyung?

Tae Kyung: I don’t care where he sits as long as he sits down so we can begin dinner.

Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) took the one beside Shin Woo which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Shin Woo. Shin Woo looked at Tae Kyung but Tae Kyung just sort of sneered at him. Mi Nam kept on looking down at her plate avoiding either Tae Kyung or Shin Woo’s fleeting glances. He Yi’s no longer surprised and as usual Jeremy was clueless as to what was going on.

Shin Hye: Here’s the main course… Oh! Where do I sit?

Jeremy: You can seat across Shin Woo beside Tae Kyung.

Shin Hye: Great!

He Yi: At least someone’s happy with the seating arrangements.

Shin Hye: What did you say?

He Yi: I said let’s eat already before the food gets cold.

Everyone was silently eating their meal when Shin Hye broke the silence.

Shin Hye: So, He Yi, what’s your next project now?

He Yi: Didn’t they mention to you? Your brother, Tae Kyung, Mi Nam and I are starring in A.N.Jell’s next MV for their new song.

Shin Hye: Wow! That’s exciting! Can I visit the set?

Shin Woo: Of course, you can’t

Shin Hye: Says you? You’re not even the leader of A.N.Jell.

He Yi: Of course, you can. You’re Geun Seuk’s sister.

Jeremy: Yes, do visit. Shin Woo and I will be there, too…to watch of course and some photo shoots as well.

Shin Woo: She can’t. You’re supposed to be going to school.

Shin Hye: Says who? I haven’t enrolled yet.

Shin Woo: I heard Manager Ma talking to your brother over the phone and he asked him to assist you with school enrollment stuff.

Shin Hye: Why didn’t I know about that?

Shin Woo: Because you’re so busy minding other people’s business.

Shin Hye: Other people’s business? Who?

Tae Kyung: Stop it, you two! Let’s just eat!

Shin Hye: …but Tae Kyung, can I come on the set?

Tae Kyung: I’m not your brother. You discuss it with him.

Shin Hye: …but I want to see how they shoot the MV’s.

Shin Woo: Yeah right.

Tae Kyung: Do I have to repeat myself? You’re such a nuisance.

He Yi: Hmmm….don’t worry Shin Hye. Tae Kyung’s got a soft heart with nuisances, right Mi Nam?

Mi Nam: Uhm…I guess so…

He Yi: See, he agrees with me. He used to think of Mi Nam’s sister as trouble but he fell in love with her and left me. Who knows he might fall in love with you next.

Shin Woo: He Yi! Stop it! Don’t bring Mi Nyu in this.

He Yi: Ah, yes, Shin Woo, Mi Nyu’s protector. I wonder how you and Tae Kyung get along these days.

Tae Kyung: Shin Woo and I get along just fine. Finish what you’re eating and leave or else…

He Yi: Yeah, you and your empty threats. I think I feel full already. As always, having a meal with you guys makes my life more exciting.

He Yi who left laughing was enough to make Shin Hye wonder what just happened. After He Yi left, everyone resumed eating silently again with nagging thoughts in their minds.

Jeremy was thinking if he should help Shin Hye ask Geun Seuk to allow her to visit the MV set. Shin Hye was figuring out how she can convince her brother to let her just do a home study program. Shin Woo was unable to determine if he should help out Tae Kyung and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) resolve what seems to be a misunderstanding. Tae Kyung is bothered on how he should approach and talk to Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) about what happened earlier in the day. On the other hand, Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) was considering on not sleeping in Tae Kyung’s room tonight without the others finding out about it.

Dinner went by and now everyone was in their rooms except for Shin Woo and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). Shin Woo can’t help observe how sleepy Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) was already though she was trying hard to keep herself awake.

Shin Woo: It’s quite late already, aren’t you going to sleep yet?

Mi Nam: I’m still reading a magazine.

Shin Woo: You can take that with you in Tae Kyung’s room and read there instead since he keeps the lights on when he’s sleeping.

Mi Nam: Oh. It’s okay. I don’t mind reading it here.

Shin Woo: Are you sure?

Mi Nam: Definitely sure.

Shin Woo: Is something bothering you that you can’t sleep yet?

Mi Nam: Uhm…

Shin Woo: You know you can tell me. Aren’t we friends?

Mi Nam: Yes, we are. It’s just that…

Shin Woo: Come on, you can share it with me. You’ll feel relieved afterwards, you’ll see.

Mi Nam: Uhmm…can I ask you a favor instead?

Shin Woo: Sure, what is it?

Mi Nam: Can I sleep in your room tonight?



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