Chapter 05: Lightning Strikes Twice

This is no déjà vu for Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). There’s no illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time. In fact, it was almost at this same place where she was confronted before by Tae Kyung about her being a female, much exactly how Geun Seuk is looking at her right now walking slowly then revealing the recorded video he had, once he came face to face with her. Geun Seuk is outraged by Mi Nam’s pretense because he feels somehow that Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) affronted them all, most specially her dearest sister.

Geun Seuk: So, you really are Mi Nyu after all.

Mi Nam: Please, Hyung be quiet. Someone might hear you.

Geun Seuk (in a sarcastic tone): So what if someone hears me? Are you afraid that they’ll find out?

Mi Nam: Please, Hyung. Can we can talk about this somewhere else?

Geun Seuk: What I don’t understand is how you’ve managed to pull this off all these time.

Mi Nam: I beg of you, please understand…

Geun Seuk: Understand what? How you’ve fooled everyone into believing you’re your twin brother?

Mi Nam: What do you want me to do?

Geun Seuk: Tell everyone that you’re Mi Nyu and not Mi Nam.

Mi Nam: I can’t do that! I need to do this for…

Geun Seuk: No excuses. You tell them or I will!

With that, Geun Seuk walked away. “What do I do? What do I do?” thought Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) to herself. It seems nothing can change Geun Seuk’s mind. Oh No!, if he tells everyone, Pres. Ahn, will know for sure this time around. Tae Kyung will surely be mad at her for letting herself again be accidentally discovered a female. She can’t let Shin Woo and Jeremy worry about her again because of this bind she’s in right now. How about Manager Ma and stylist Wang, will they be fired by Pres. Ahn, when he finds about this? What will happen to his brother? Will Pres. Ahn cancel his contract? She can’t let this all happen. She has to do something about it. Think Mi Nyu. Think. What if she let’s him have her most precious thing, the ring, then promise Geun Seuk that she’ll only stay until her brother comes back surely, he’ll understand, right? Last time, giving the ring to Tae Kyung somehow softened him up a bit. She just hopes this works with Geun Seuk.

Next morning, she woke up but Tae Kyung was not around. She immediately went out of the room to search for him and saw a note at the table. It says, “Mi Nam. Shin Woo, Jeremy and I went out early since we have to finish some magazine photo shoots in the morning and some interviews in the afternoon regarding our new projects. Eat a lot then just rest for today. Don’t forget our appointment this weekend. P.S Shin Woo brought Shin Hye with us. Tae Kyung” Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) was so happy! Great everyone’s out. It seems that the heavens are on her side. For an entire day, all she needs to do is give her best shot of convincing Geun Seuk not to divulge that information to everyone. This includes not letting him out of her sight; else, he might have the chance to talk to Pres. Ahn about what he uncovered about her.

Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) saw Geun Seuk reading the morning’s papers by the roof deck. Now’s her chance to approach him.

Mi Nam: Hyung, please take this (showing the ring at the palm of her hand).

Geun Seuk: Begging again, huh?

Mi Nam: It’s the most precious thing to me next to my pig rabbit.

Geun Seuk: So? Why give it to me?

Mi Nam: Kindly take it for a while and trust me. I don’t mean any harm in pretending to be my twin brother. I’ll do everything well and promise not to trouble you in any way. Let me be here. Please, don’t tell my secret to everyone.

Geun Seuk: Let’s see, if I take it and then … (throwing the ring out in the open) threw it somewhere over there. Will you be able to get it back? Will you be able to find it?

Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) pushed Geun Suk and then held on to his two hands and opened his palms to see if the ring is there.

Mi Nam: It’s not there, where could it be? Oh, the pant’s pockets (she then began putting her hands to the pockets of Geun Seuk’s pants)!

Geun Seuk: Stop it! Are you crazy?

Mi Nam: It’s really not there!

Geun Seuk: Of course, it’s not there. I threw it earlier, remember?

Mi Nam: You really threw it away!

Geun Seuk: I did say I’ll throw it away. When I say something, I mean it. That only means when the guys come home, you’re done for.

Mi Nam: What…what if I find it?

Geun Seuk: I’ll bet 101% you won’t be able to find it. Don’t you know there are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that we might never pick them up?

Mi Nam: I’ll show you. With a sincere heart, I believe I can find it.

Geun Seuk: We’ll see if your sincere heart can find what you’re looking for.

Lunch and dinner came but Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) was still out at the backyard searching for the ring. Unknown to her Geun Seuk was checking on her from time to time. Finally…

Geun Seuk: Okay. Have dinner first. After that I’ll help you find it.

Mi Nam: You really threw it away didn’t you?

Geun Seuk: Are you mad? Haven’t you heard anything at all about what I said earlier? I’ll repeat it again. I THREW IT! Now, eat dinner.

Mi Nam: No, I told you that I will find it.

Geun Seuk: Alright…alright…I believe you, ok? Now, let’s go. You looked so famished.

Mi Nam: Oh, I think that’s it over there.

Geun Seuk: Over where?

Mi Nam: There? Don’t you see it?

Geun Seuk: Okay, stay there. I’ll check it. You look like you’re about to fall on your…

But Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) wasn’t listening, she went for what she thought she saw and unfortunately being a bit dizzy and all slipped and fell on the ground and has gone unconscious.

He Yi: What did you do to him?

Geun Seuk: Who are you?



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