Chapter 02: Once More, with Feeling

It was agreed by everyone (well except of course by Pres. Ahn who’s still clueless as ever) that Mi Nam needs to go to the US in order to ensure that his accident and recuperation is kept away from the media. At the airport, the actual Go Mi Nam is dressed as a girl in a wheel chair being wheeled in by their aunt.

Meanwhile, at A.N Entertainment office, Geun Suk has just finished signing the contract when Tae Kyung went in and dragged Geun Suk to the band practice room. No, it’s not to force Geun Suk to sing but to hug Geun Suk. Why? He’s checking of course, if Geun Suk is a guy or a girl (better be safe than sorry right?). Shin Woo, Jeremy and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) were surprised but catches on immediately, so the other two except for Mi Nam tries hugging Geun Suk to Geun Suk’s bewilderment. Pres. Ahn seeing this thought that A.N.Jell welcomes Geun Suk to the group, then he announced … well more like dropped the bomb.

Pres. Ahn: Okay, now for the room arrangements. Shin Hye, Geun Suk’s sister being the only girl here gets Mi Nam’s room.

Shin Woo, Jeremy, Tae Kyung: What??? She’s living with us?

Mi Nam: She’s taking my room? Where will I sleep?

Pres. Ahn: Yes, she’ll have your room. Since you’re the youngest and Geun Suk is the newest, you both share and take Jeremy’s room. Jeremy, you’ll bunk with Shin Woo. Everyone knows how picky Tae Kyung is so he will still have his own room to himself. Problem solved.

Shin Woo, Jeremy, Mi Nam, Tae Kyung, Manager Ma: No!!!!

Shin Woo, Jeremy: Geun Suk, can share the room with us!

Tae Kyung: Mi Nam gets to room with me!

Pres. Ahn: Tae Kyung, did I hear it right? You’re suggesting that Mi Nam share your room? And you two (pointing at Shin woo and Jeremy), you’re offering Geun Suk to stay with you guys when neither one of you asked Mi Nam to share either of your room when Mi Nam’s aunt stayed here before?

Mi Nam: Can’t I just have my own room? Hyungnim’s (glancing at Tae Kyung) room is much bigger, I think it’s much better if he shares it with Geun Suk?

Pres. Ahn: Hmm…I noticed earlier that it’s only you that did not hug Geun Suk to welcome him. You don’t like Geun Suk that’s why you don’t want to be with him in the same room?

Mi Nam: Uhhmm…I did not hug Geun Suk because…

Tae Kyung: He’s been kind of under the weather lately.

Shin Woo: Yeah, I think he might be having the symptoms of a cold…

Mi Nam (sniffing and coughing a bit): Yeah, that’s right! Cough and colds are bad for your voice.

Pres. Ahn: Oh, I see, you just don’t want Geun Suk to be infected. Okay.

Tae Kyung: Mi Nam still gets to room with me. I’m used to him being in my room before. I don’t want to get used to another person sharing my room.

Pres. Ahn: Great! So, it’s settled. Tae Kyung and Mi Nam, Shin Woo and Geun Suk. Shin Hye has Mi Nam’s room. Jeremy you can have your room. Fantastic!

Manager Ma is of course happy since no begging was required anymore from Tae Kyung to share a room with Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). Shin Woo and Jeremy were both resigned to the fact that neither one of them can’t share a room with Mi Nam since they already know that Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) and Tae Kyung are in a relationship. Surely, it will feel very awkward if Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) gets to stay with either one of them since both had previously had feelings for Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). Most of all, this Mi Nam can’t share the room with Geun Suk for fear of being discovered a girl. They can’t trust that this guy and his sister won’t tell the media or blackmail them at worst once they discover that this Mi Nam is the twin sister Mi Nyu disguising as his twin brother Mi Nam.

Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) sharing a room with Tae Kyung again, is kind of cute and weird this time because they’re in a relationship already. Of course, they are not sharing a bed but this time around it’s Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) who get’s the bed! Yippee! As, Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) prepares to go to sleep, Tae Kyung sat beside her. Picture this, Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) lying on the bed Tae Kyung sits by the bed and it goes like this:

Tae Kyung: (smiling mischievously): Mi Nyu do you like me?

Mi Nyu laughs.

Tae Kyung: Really?

Mi Nyu: Oppa

Tae Kyung: Why are you so nervous?

Mi Nyu keeps on laughing.

Tae Kyung: What’s wrong with you? Look at me. Answer me?

MY still can’t contain her laughter.

Tae Kyung (moves his head closer): My initial question, do you like me?

Mi Nyu still laughs aloud.

Tae Kyung: Oh! Mi Nyu likes me a lot!

Mi Nyu: Oppa why are you acting like a fool.

Tae Kyung: What? It’s just the two of us here you know. Do you know why Oppa is acting like this? I have another thought now (then touches her hair, her ears).

Then suddenly Geun Suk enters Tae Kyung’s room asking for extra blankets for her sister.



Credits: Bed scene idea came from KJHcapricorn’s YouTube posted BTS video with subs translated by soompi 🙂



1 thought on “Chapter 02: Once More, with Feeling

  1. ohh i really like this !!! i just discovered it by chance ….yay …you’re so clever by including the bed scene from the filming of the drama XD

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