Chapter 10: The Ties that Bind

… She’s kind of cute when she’s angry. She’s arguing with Shin Woo over Mi Nam. Mom, should I have taken her side? Nah, that will be too obvious right, Dad? I’ll send out a picture of her and a longer email soon. Anyway, bye for now. Your angel, Jeremy

Shin Hye: It makes me so mad!

Geun Seuk: Because he’s right.

Shin Hye: Why does he always have to be right?

Geun Seuk: ‘Cause he is.

Shin Hye: Now, you’re taking his side. I’m your sister, remember?

Geun Seuk: Will you stop sending me these SMS? I’m trying to sleep, you know.

Shin Hye: Ok. Fine. Good night

This can’t go on. Something must be done”, Shin Woo blurted out carelessly.

“Why does it always have to be her?”, Geun Seuk murmured.

Shin Woo, Geun Seuk: Did you say something?

Geun Seuk: Just thinking aloud, I guess.

Shin Woo: Same here. Want to talk about it?

Geun Seuk: Hmm…Okay. I know this person who has a secret and has begged me not to tell it to anyone. The thing is, this secret of his has been the source of my problems lately so I don’t know if I should reveal it or not.

Shin Woo: Sounds like a tough one.

Geun Seuk: How about you?

Shin Woo: I have a friend’s friend with whom I used to get along just fine but not until recently when my friend started sort of ditching his friend which I think I’m partly to blame. Now, I don’t know how to fix things; him turning away from his friend and his friend’s taking it out on me.

Geun Seuk: That’s rough.

Shin Woo: Yeah, better just sleep on it then.

Tae Kyung supposedly planned a weekend date with Mi Nam (Mi Nyu), but then things got messed up when Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) was rushed to the hospital so now all they had was one day since they’ll be busy again by Monday. He then decided to just watch a movie with Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) followed by a romantic dinner. It just happened that while they were about to leave, Shin Hye who’s hanging out with Jolie and Jeremy at the roof deck saw them.

Shin Hye: Hey, Jeremy do you know where they’re going?

Jeremy: I don’t know.

Shin Hye (Shouting at Tae Kyung and Mi Nam): Hey, you guys! Wait for me!

Jeremy: If you’re going, I’m going too. Wait for us, we’ll be right down.

Tae Kyung: What the…

Mi Nam: We’re just watching a movie. Surely, they can come. Jeremy’s with her anyway.

Tae Kyung: But you won’t get to wear a woman’s clothes and it’s supposed to be our date! I planned this nice ….

Mi Nam: It’s okay. I’ll be fine.

Tae Kyung: I hate this! When is that brother of yours coming back?

Mi Nam: Manager Ma told me in about a month and a half or two if all goes well with Mi Nam’s physical therapy sessions.

Tae Kyung: That’s too long.

Mi Nam: We had no choice, remember?

Shin Hye, Jeremy: We’re here!

Shin Hye: We’re we off to anyway?

Tae Kyung: Right, you don’t know do you? Because you just dragged yourself here to come with us.

Jeremy: Hyung, if you don’t want us to come with you. It’s alright.

Geun Seuk: Come with who? Where?

Shin Hye:  With them (glancing at Tae Kyung and Mi Nam). I don’t know where yet.

Tae Kyung: To the spa and since you’re the only female, you’ll be left out. Come, Jeremy.

Geun Seuk: To the spa? Let’s go to the movies instead.

Tae Kyung: We? You’re going with us too?

Geun Seuk: Yeah, why not I’ve nothing to do here.

Tae Kyung: Then go bond with Shin Woo, he’s your room mate. I’m bonding with mine. Go bond with yours.

Shin Woo: Bond with whom?

Geun Seuk: Oh, you’re there. Come with us. We’re watching a movie.

Tae Kyung: Just great everyone’s coming now.

He Yi: Where to?

Geun Seuk: Why are you here?

He Yi (Responded teasingly): A.N.Jell and I are friends. Aren’t we guys? Beside’s there’s nothing ” interesting” to do at home. With A.N.Jell there’s always something “exciting” going on.

Tae Kyung (Jesting sarcastically): Yeah right.

He Yi: So, let’s go, wherever it is where headed to.

“Mi Nam should be next to me.”

“I should seat beside Shin Hye.”

“Anywhere far from He Yi.”



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