Chapter 06: Of Pride or Prejudice

Shin Hye: You lied to me!

Shin Woo: No, I did not.

Shin Hye: Yes, you did! He did. Right Jeremy?

Jeremy: Uhmm…Ahhh…Don’t get mad at me ok?

Shin Woo: See even Jeremy says, I didn’t.

Shin Hye: No! He didn’t! He just said for me not to be angry at him.

Shin Woo: …Which means it’s because he’s siding with me.

Shin Hye: No way, is he taking your side. He did not say that. Did you Jeremy?

Jeremy: Hyung, (tapping Tae Kyung’s back) need some help here.

Tae Kyung (turning his back to face Shin Woo and Shin Hye): What’s wrong with you two? I can still hear you even in my headphones. You’ve been bickering with each other since this afternoon.

Shin Hye: Don’t look at me. It’s his fault (pointing her finger at Shin Woo)!

Shin Woo: How is it my fault again?

Shin Hye: And we’re back to…because you’re lying!

Shin Woo: No, I’m not.

Shin Hye: Yes, you are. You told me earlier that we’ll go ahead and Mi Nam will follow.

Shin Woo: I did not say that. I said we can go ahead and Mi Nam “might” follow. Might, meaning…maybe…not sure…not certain. So, how am I lying to you when I told you that?

Tae Kyung knows that Shin Woo may have managed to mislead Shin Hye into believing that Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) is going to follow them at a later time. He’s thinking that after his comments a few nights back regarding Shin Hye, Shin Woo somehow took upon himself to at least free Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) of Shin Hye’s bothersome presence even for a day. That’s right. So now, he must quickly think of a way to pull Shin Woo out of this squabbling mess albeit temporarily.

On the other hand, Shin Woo thought that Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) having no schedule today will have a very uncomfortable day with Shin Hye around the house specially now that he’s cited all his observations regarding Shin Hye’s tell-tale sign of having a crush at Mi Nam (Mi Nyu).

Tae Kyung: Enough! Shin Woo already told you that Mi Nam “might” come. So, there’s really no certainty that he will. So stop it already. If you want, you can continue it at home, preferably out of my hearing range.

They just got off the van, when they heard voices shouting at each other.

He Yi: And why would I tell you my name?

Geun Seuk: Because clearly you’re trespassing.

He Yi: I’m not! And who are you?

Geun Seuk: I’m not telling.

He Yi: Right. You can tell that to the police.

Geun Seuk: You’re calling the police?

He Yi: Of course, because Mi Nam’s unconscious. Obviously, since you’re the one left standing, you hit him.

Geun Seuk: What? He fell unconscious when he went over there and accidentally slipped.

He Yi: You hit him!

Geun Seuk: No. I already told you that he slipped.

He Yi: Yeah right. He slipped and pigs fly.

Geun Seuk: It’s the truth! He was looking for a ring.

He Yi: Looking for a ring? How will a ring get lost out here in the backyard?

Geun Seuk: Because it did!

He Yi: You’re story’s so impossible! Mi Nam slipping…looking for a ring…that got lost…here in the backyard of all places????

Tae Kyung: He Yi! What are you doing here? What’s all….



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