Chapter 17: Family Affair

Mi Nam: Do you know who that car belongs to? I think I saw it before. I just can’t remember where.

Tae Kyung: No. Let’s go in and find out.

Pres. Ahn: Here they are finally!

Hwa Ran: Mi Nam, Tae Kyung, I hope you don’t mind that I’m here.

Pres. Ahn: I just found out that Mi Nam’s father was a friend of Ms. Hwa Ran here so it’s just perfect!

Tae Kyung: Perfect for what? What does it have to do with Mi Nam?

Pres. Ahn: Remember the song that Ms. Hwa Ran wanted you to remake? It will be included as one of the main songs in the soundtrack of Yoo He Yi’s movie.

Tae Kyung: So?

Pres. Ahn: I mentioned to He Yi, that the song was actually composed by Mi Nam’s father and that Hwa Ran requested you to have it remade. So He Yi approached Hwa Ran and asked her to sing it for her movie’s soundtrack. Hwa Ran declined and suggested instead that Mi Nam sing it since it’s his father’s composition. So here we are.

Hwa Ran: Since I was the one who refused He Yi’s request, I took the initiative to urge Mi Nam and the rest of A.N.Jell to perform it for her movie’s soundtrack. I know it took quite some convincing for Tae Kyung to remake the song, I hope it won’t take that much to ask for Mi Nam and the rest of A.N.Jell to do this song.

Tae Kyung: Don’t ask us. Ask him. It’s his father’s song.

Mi Nam: It’s ok with me.

Pres. Ahn: Wonderful! Great! As for the MV of the song, I already have an idea.

Tae Kyung: I thought it’s for the movie. Use the scenes in the movie instead.

Pres. Ahn: Yes, I know. However, since Mi Nam will lead this song. I decided to include it in A.N.Jell’s upcoming album, that’s why we need an MV that includes A.N.Jell. With the news about He Yi, Mi Nam and Geun Seuk and He Yi being the lead star of the movie, I decided to use it to our advantage so we’re featuring Mi Nam, Geun Seuk, He Yi and Tae Kyung for the MV.

Tae Kyung: With He Yi again? Why not just Geun Seuk and He Yi and leave Mi Nam and me out of it?

Pres. Ahn: Mi Nam’s the lead singer for this track, so he should be in the MV. Also, I’m sure people would be looking for you in this MV so you have to be in it too.

Mi Nam: Does He Yi and Geun Seuk already know about the MV?

Pres. Ahn: Not yet. I’m supposed to discuss it with everyone today but with Geun Seuk recuperating at the hospital and He Yi back at home to rest after the press conference they did today, I opt to tell this to you guys first.

Mi Nam: I see.

Pres. Ahn: We’ll have the story conference for the MV next week. By that time, I expect Geun Seuk would be fine already. So, if there’s no more questions, Hwa Ran and I will leave already.

Hwa Ran: Can I talk to both Tae Kyung and Mi Nam privately before we go?

Hwa Ran: How are you both?

Tae Kyung, Mi Nam: We’re fine.

Hwa Ran: I’m glad you’re back together again.

Tae Kyung: Back together again?

Hwa Ran: Yes, she’s Mi Nyu right?

Mi Nam: How did you know?

Hwa Ran (Looking at Tae Kyung): It’s the way you’re protective of her. I’m your mother; I should know that at least.

Tae Kyung: I hope you won’t tell anyone about Mi Nam being Mi Nyu.

Hwa Ran: I won’t do anything that will hurt both of you, that I promise. Again, I’m sorry for what I did in the past.

Mi Nam: Time heals all wounds they say so in time probably we won’t be this awkward with each other.

Hwa Ran: Thank you Mi Nam. Also, you don’t have to worry; no one knows that I’m Tae Kyung’s mother. I’ll only reveal that fact when Tae Kyung’s alright with it being known to the public.

Being the nosy person she is, Shin Hye can’t resist but eavesdrop at the three’s conversation. She can’t forgo the opportunity of knowing more about Mi Nam and apparently, Tae Kyung’s in confidence too about something that Hwa Ran’s going to tell Mi Nam (Mi Nyu). Too bad, she only caught the last part of the conversation wherein Hwa Ran was telling them that they don’t have to worry since she won’t disclose the fact that she is Tae Kyung’s mother and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) saying about time healing all wounds. At least though this time, Shin Hye was able to confirm that Tae Kyung and Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) are truly best of friends because Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) even knows Tae Kyung’s secret. Now, she knows what to do.

Shin Hye: Oppa, I need your help.

Geun Seuk: Help with what?

Shin Hye: I’ll be right there, just giving you a heads up.

Geun Seuk: Heads up for what?

Shin Hye: Bye now.

After Shin Hye hung up, Geun Seuk had this bad feeling that something’s going down from bad to worse. If only he hadn’t known about Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) and hadn’t cross paths with He Yi, he won’t be in this mess, instead he would be at home and would know what his busybody of a sister is up to.



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