MV of the Week: Please Don’t… – K.Will

Truthfully, the main reason I checked out the MV was well because of Seo In Guk. Yeah, you guessed it. I’m still overly obsessed with Answer Me, 1997 that I have to get my daily dose of anything related to the main cast (Seo In Guk, Jung Eun Ji and Hoya). I don’t usually bother with MVs unless they’re from KPOP idol groups because honestly, I find the MVs of these mellow songs boring. If it’s about unrequited love, there’s this recurring theme typical guy loves the girl but said girl loves the other guy or girl loves her friend’s boyfriend or any similar rehashing of that concept. So, unless they cast some actor/actress/idol star I like; I won’t make the slightest effort to watch the MV and end up just downloading the song, instead. Ergo we’re off to why K.Will’s MV got me interested even in the very least; one of the hottest guy nowadays – Seo In Guk.

Seo In Guk whether by the stairs or with a woman (Dasom) in the car just gives me vibes of Reply 1997. Somehow, after watching Answer Me, 1997 I had this sudden propensity to connect everything and anything with said drama. Just shows how infatuated I am with it. Going back, I noticed that this looks like one of those one-sided love of a guy towards his friend’s woman. Awh. Not this again. I sighed. He’s been there and done that as Yoon Jae when he gave up on Shi Won for his brother’s sake. Why must he do this again? I ask myself. Fine. I’ll bear with it and so I stay on watching the MV. It ups the angst factor from announcing what seems to be the couple’s engagement happily flashing their couple rings then onto the wedding up to being the 3rd wheel on that wedding picture. I suppose Seo In Guk’s the Best Man. Makes me think where’s the Maid of Honor in this affair?! Okay, let’s just pretend she probably got lost in the crowd somewhere. Who cares, right? Moving on, we see him further in emo mode and eventually turn on the waterworks as he tears off that portion of the photo; leaving just him and Dasom together. Yeah, he’s certainly taking it hard losing the woman he loves to his best friend. Poor guy. Just when I was resigned over the fact he lost the girl and no amount of crying or agonizing over it will make everything alright, I got sucker punched just like that! BAM! OMG! He placed that ripped other half photo of the guy over Dasom’s image taking her place standing side by side with him, instead. Brilliant! That conclusion caught me entirely by surprise. What did just happen?! Since when did Yoonjae walked in Junhee’s shoes?! Speechless, I rewatched the MV again. This time around, I saw glimpses of those subtle moments of longing he had for the guy and not for Dasom. Clever storyline! It kind of hoodwinked us with that ever familiar story of unrequited love of a guy, then calls out the bluff allowing us to see the other side of reality. Pretty much like Episode 3 of Answer Me, 1997 – What you see is not everything.

This MV is beyond awesome, not only does it remind me of the drama that’s remarkably close to my heart; it delicately thrusts on homosexuality which Answer Me, 1997 sensibly tackled in one of its story arcs. Undoubtedly, the drama’s impact lingers on. Cheers to Answer Me, 1997 and K.Will’s MV for embarking on this concept!


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