Answer Me, 1997: Director’s Cut OST

Normally, one would see the front cover of the OST but since I’m all worn out of laying my eyes on the front cover, so I decided to put up the back cover instead. There you have it.

Having received this package on the first day of the month and on a Monday no less just made my entire week! Whatever screw ups my colleagues brought on at work couldn’t spoil my mood. Just listening to the songs on the OST already brightened up my day. Last time I was so fired up by a mere OST was when I was over the moon with You’re Beautiful. So, once I got wind of the pre-order for the Director’s Cut OST of this drama that has been so dear to my heart, I immediately made my purchase. When I got home after work, I rushed to my room and there sitting on my bed was the package I’ve been waiting for what felt like forever. It was so damn frustrating opening it since it was enclosed in 5 bubble wraps! Can you imagine that?! The curiosity of what’s inside was killing me! So, when I finally got rid of the last of that dratted bubble wrap, I was tongue-tied as I carefully opened it. Then, squealed for a couple of seconds! It was beyond what I expected. The semblance to a VHS tape packaging sort of folds into this…

The middle portion is the photo book. I’m very satisfied with how the photo book was so wonderfully done. It’s thick, too! Then, there’s more! They included the replicas of those memorable birthday couppons! I was elated that I now have those very same coupons! Too bad neither Yoonjae nor Shiwon was as ecstatic as I was in having it.

Oh, there’s this sticker, too! Though, I doubt I’ll be sticking it into something.

Going back to the photo book. I can’t help but love how much thought they put into it! First, there’s some snapshots of the characters and each actor’s messages and signatures. Next, you have the lyrics of the songs and some snapshots from the drama. Subsequently, some stills from each episode coupled with some lines from the drama were presented. Lastly, we come into view of some of the show’s behind the scenes pictures. I only scanned a few of them so that you can get a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

Overall, I’m so happy with what I got! I’m pretty certain years from now, it will never fail to bring a smile on my face. For this, I’ll always remember how this drama transported me back in time to my teen years in the 90s.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve just got to have this awesome keepsake from this remarkable drama! Buy it ASAP!

Disclaimer: TvN owns Answer Me, 1997. I’m just a fan sharing the love for the drama.


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