MV of the Week: Please Don’t… – K.Will

Truthfully, the main reason I checked out the MV was well because of Seo In Guk. Yeah, you guessed it. I’m still overly obsessed with Answer Me, 1997 that I have to get my daily dose of anything related to the main cast (Seo In Guk, Jung Eun Ji and Hoya). I don’t usually bother with MVs unless they’re from KPOP idol groups because honestly, I find the MVs of these mellow songs boring. If it’s about unrequited love, there’s this recurring theme typical guy loves the girl but said girl loves the other guy or girl loves her friend’s boyfriend or any similar rehashing of that concept. So, unless they cast some actor/actress/idol star I like; I won’t make Continue reading


Answer Me, 1997: Director’s Cut OST

Normally, one would see the front cover of the OST but since I’m all worn out of laying my eyes on the front cover, so I decided to put up the back cover instead. There you have it.

Having received this package on the first day of the month and on a Monday no less just made my entire week! Whatever screw ups my colleagues brought on at work couldn’t spoil my mood. Just listening to the songs on the OST already brightened up my day. Last time Continue reading