Queen In Hyun’s Man: I’m Not Sorry I Loved You But…

So, it’s been one week after the finale and yet it still bothers me why it ended up like that. Don’t be mistaken, I loved that they had a happy ending which I’m very much hoping for in the first place but not that like that. By that, I mean the all-magical hand phone thing. Granted I love Secret Garden so much despite the reasons why others hated it like their worst enemy but the thing is Secret Garden didn’t have a well-established premise about the body swap so, it’s like anything goes and I accepted that. However, in Queen In Hyun’s Man, Boong Do’s time travelling ways was very well defined; it’s about the talisman that lets him face death in order to live again in a different time. A talisman that saves his life and in doing so, it must be with him at all times. This is why I can’t put up with the mobile phone sort of replacing the burned talisman as the object that brought Boong Do and Hee Jin together again. There’s this certain logic to the magic behind the time travel and the way it was done in the finale didn’t fit the bill. In short, it didn’t substantiate the use of the cell phone as that something which allowed Boong Do to return to the future. Simply put, the end doesn’t justify the means. Got it?! The darn phone wasn’t even on or anywhere in his body! I wouldn’t have minded thinking how in the world could that phone work after one year in the Joseon era no less; but at least it should have been powered on as much as I would have let it slide somehow if at least Boong Do was holding it as he’s looking at Hee Jin’s picture in his phone. Then, when he almost draws his last breath, his hand almost lets go of the phone but the phone rings; so he scrambles to get himself free of the tie, then answers Hee Jin’s call and poof he vanishes (Plus, it’s much more dramatic that way, don’t you think?). In that fashion at least the basis for him to time travel back would still hold true because the phone would have saved him from death.

On re-watch, I also noticed how the camera pans from the cell phone to the necktie. So, it occurred to me it could have been the drama’s way of short of showing the choice of what could bring back Boong Do to Hee Jin’s side. When they showed the phone, I already hoped against hope that it doesn’t ring but well we all know it did. Sigh. My choice would have been the necktie. It would have been more unexpected that way. It would have been ironic that something that could be used to end Boong Do’s life would be the very same thing that brought him back to life… his life with Hee Jin. In addition, the context of the necktie when Hee Jin was explaining it’s purpose to Boong Do was more suited with how they’re connected to each other and should have been the trigger.

About this… Every morning a man’s wife would tie it for him.

As it was being tied… that’s right. Their eyes would meet, and a feeling would grow. (Hee Jin was already feeling uneasy when Boong Do was tying it to end his life)

Then… this. (Boong Do should have disappeared when he’s about to die because of the tie that was wrung around his neck) This is called the purpose of a tie. (Boong Do reappears back to the future)”

Symbolically, in not so few words it supposedly tells Boong Do that he’s bound to Hee Jin. Unfortunately, that neck tie scene wasn’t made into good use aside from fan service.

Still, I adored Queen In Hyun’s Man minus the finale episode. I’m just so disappointed with the lazy writing and presentation of the last episode. I don’t regret that I loved it (well at least all the 15 episodes) BUT that last episode ruined that magical allure it has over me.


2 thoughts on “Queen In Hyun’s Man: I’m Not Sorry I Loved You But…

  1. I love this drama, too!
    Yeah, that phone call was totally off, but I turned a blind eye on that. I was so scarred with Rooftop Prince’s ending that I was focused on them just getting together in the end, no matter what the means. : )
    In kdramaland, anything can happen, right? : )

  2. It was not the phone, but they love (so not even the necktie) that brought them together in the end. At that moment he was already dying, so was kinda between the 2 worlds, when the phone started to ring.

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