2011 Kdrama Kisses: When a Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss

Omo! Just when I thought last year’s kisses (foam kiss, party kiss, phone booth kiss and train kiss) were amazingly wonderful, here comes kdrama serving us with another dose of breathtaking, heart pounding and mind blowing slew of delectable kisses. Yum! Yum! Okay, that’s the pervy noona in me talking.

For starters, Lie To Me was kinda so-so for me but boy oh boy it doesn’t disappoint with the kisses! Ice Cream Kiss packs a wallop! Yes, you know that there’s going to be a kiss soon what with the way they kept rehashing the past scenes between the OTP with the drama’s OST song playing in the background but the impact was overwhelming, simply because it was spur of the moment and so out of character for Ki Joon. He gives her that you’re the only one I see stare then lets go of the microphone rushing towards Ah Jung and did the smoochy with her in front of everyone there. Yes, there was an audience and by that I don’t mean us the viewers. The onlookers aren’t just bystanders, they’re actually someone that they know (at least on Ah Jung’s side). Whatever induced them to kiss while singing the “Ice Cream” song is beyond me but no complaints here.

To up the ante, make out-wise, Lie To Me afterwards gave us the oh so captivatingly intoxicating Cola Kiss. What started out as a crazy prank led to them playing like kids spraying cola at each other eventually ended up with that passionately steamy lip lock. The lens flaring as they kiss just adds up to the already sizzling setting.

Gosh, I don’t know if I can even do justice describing the following kiss courtesy of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

After dangling us viewers with four almost kisses, I was losing hope fast that THE KISS will happen in the end if it even happens. Alas, I should never have doubted thee kdrama gods. They granted my wish as well as all the other noonas, unnies, ajummas (dare I even say halmonis). Thy kiss be done! WHOA! What a knockout kiss that was!!! We got two consecutive lip locks, people! One, she was taken aback but the one that followed she consciously knew it was coming and she didn’t push him back! Though, seriously, who even shows an amazingly scorching full on kiss like that on a freaking preview?!!! I’m beyond stupefied! But nevertheless, I’m one insanely happy squealing noona after watching that.

As if that wasn’t enough, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop dished out another yummy treat for everyone in the form of everyone’s favorite — Kimchi! Sure, it wasn’t a lip-on-lip type of kiss but it sure made Eun Bi’s and I guess mostly everyone’s legs turn into jelly. That’s one heck of a sensual kiss! I’m floored pretty much like the first one. All I can say after that was long live Kimchi!

So there goes my fave kisses of the year, still hoping for more from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. They’d better have two more awesome kisses to even the score.

I just love how these kdrama kisses have nicknames,too. It’s so cute! It’s just adorable how imaginative these kdrama writers and PDs get in producing such wonderful ways of doing a kiss. Not to mention kudos to these actors and actresses who left us asking for more leaving our imagination run like crazy.


4 thoughts on “2011 Kdrama Kisses: When a Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss

  1. uahahaha, I vote for kimchii kisss!!!! You’re right! My legs turned into jelly right now, lol… the 1st one makes my body melt into unshaped -LOL xD~
    I love cola kiss too *blushhh*

  2. IKR! This sounds all kinds of wrong but OMG I really can’t stop watching those scenes. It’s got this magnetic pull that says push the replay button…push the replay button…you know you wanna… Haha!

  3. flower boy ramyun shop did even it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I first watched watched this show I was like they show have a real great kissing scene courtesy of Cha Chisoo but I didn’t believe they showed it !!!!!!!
    I was so happy!!!
    Plus the kimchi kiss rocked the world!!!
    PS- I just loved the way Jung Il Woo said INTERN!!!

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