Do or Don’t: K-pop in Korean Film Awards

As a K-pop fan, I’m quite bothered by this. Why? Oh, why, do they keep on having K-pop as intermission numbers in Film Awards? I really don’t get the logic behind it all or perhaps there isn’t any so why bother? It’s quite hard for me to comprehend why they don’t just have someone sing the OSTs of any of the movies that came out that year. Surely there’s at least one or two that they can perform, right? Or if they’re so keen on having these idols around have them sing or dance songs from these movies. Is that even hard to do? Or have idols host these film awards night instead. Or for a change if they really want K-pop songs in these production numbers why not let actors or actresses sing or dance to these tunes? That would be amusing! It would even be somehow intriguing to pair an idol with an actor/actress when presenting an award. So many options and yet they stick on doing what sucks! If it’s broken why fix it, right? Watching the audience mostly made up of actors and actresses look so bored, expressionless or awkward during these supposedly breather from the ceremony make me feel embarrassed for both these actors/actresses and idols alike. It doesn’t do the idols any good knowing they expect that the audience they’ll be doing their performance for aren’t their fans. It just adds up to the pressure making them more nervous and less energetic than usual ergo more prone to less stellar performance turnout. I’m being kind when I’m saying this. I still remember the 2PM and SNSD debacle from last year’s Daegong Film Awards.

Mostly, K-pop fans are used to just seeing their idols do their sing & dance routines. Never mind if they can actually sing or dance flawlessly onstage.  K-pop fans find out of tune singing or out of sync dancing cute whereas it’s quite laughable in reality for mere mortals like say actors and actresses. Or, heavens forbid I shall be crucified and cursed ‘til eternity for saying this but maybe K-pop isn’t as popular in Korea as we thought.  By popular, I mean accepted, beloved, celebrated, crowd-pleasing, famous, favored, in demand, in vogue, leading, liked, lovable, preferred, prevailing, sought-after, the rage, well-received and the list goes on and on. And by that definition, in this situation, K-pop doesn’t fit the bill with these film stars. Hence, the — I wanna get out of here if I had a choice; what the heck am I listening to or the otherwise less convincing let’s pretend we enjoy look. See for yourselves.


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