Day 04: Your Favorite Male Third Wheel Character – Moon Jae Shin (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

This is one category I can answer without batting an eyelash! Who wasn’t smitten over Geol Oh the Crazy Horse? If it were for me, he’d be the lead guy in the story. His onscreen presence just commands the viewer to watch his every move and listen to what he has to say which is kind of rare for someone dubbed as the second lead only. Note that it’s the first time I’ve seen Yoo Ah In in a drama so my judgment of his characterization as Jae Shin is in no way impaired like for some who’s already a fan of say the lead guy. Nope, not picking up a fight or anything and definitely we’re not going there. We’re here to talk about Jae Shin.

Mostly, I dislike brooding characters but this isn’t one of those times. He may be agonizing over the loss of his brother, mope like there’s no tomorrow and be this semblance of a crazed worthless troublemaker but underneath all that you sense that he’s this better man who chose to live this façade of a good-for-nothing person. So, he leads two lives none of which is the real him. In fact, both of his alter egos are slightly similar rather than contradictory. Both Crazy Horse and Red Messenger are reckless and defiant. Being in either persona offers him this temporary leeway to do as he pleases allowing him at some point to brush off the consequences brought about by either one’s actions. Crazy Horse doesn’t care whether he flunks his studies due to his numerous absences in class. He’s supposed to be a senior already and yet he remains a freshman. It doesn’t really say why he’s still such (unless I’ve forgotten already) but I bet he flunks his class ‘cause he’s always gone and not because he’s dumb. On the other hand, the Red Messenger couldn’t care less of the real danger he’d be in once he’s captured ‘cause by the government’s implication he’s instigating revolt and as such is branded as an outlaw.  What’s ironic though is that the real Jae Shin is cautious and contemplative. You can grasp it through his words and actions. I love how he talks all Yoda-ish (minus the inverted grammar) at times when he’s with Yoon Hee, Sun Joon and Yong Ha. He’s both quick-witted and insightful which enables him to act according to how he thinks he needs to be perceived at that moment. How do you think can he juggle being Geol Oh, the Red Messenger and just Jae Shin if not for his uncanny ability to adapt to the three personalities he’s conceived for himself.  And for this, Jae Shin is undeniably amazing!


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