Day 3: Favorite Female Character – Na Yeo Kyung (Capital Scandal)

It took me so long to post on this topic ‘cause got sidetracked by the amazing Bu Bu Jing Xin! That being said let’s move on. Gosh! I never knew this one would be a toughie! Had quite some difficulty to finally figure out who my best loved female kdrama character is. Usually kdrama heroines tend to be upright with a dash of tenacity, tidbits of vivacity, sprinkles of mischief and a grain of damsel in distress but Na Yeo Kyung from Capital Scandal is a heck of a lot more than that!

She’s upright and uptight. Rhymes right? She’s one to believe that there’s no gray side, only black or white. For her, it’s either you’re pro-Joseon or anti-Joseon no ifs or buts about it. She’s been nicknamed Jo Ma Ja aka the Last Woman Of Joseon much to her dismay though she does have it coming what with her being so straight-laced and wearing that black and white hanbok like a uniform day in and day out. It’s quite seldom really that we get a conventional female in dramas ‘cause that would be boring, right? Mostly the females are the bright plucky ones. That’s why I had some reservations over watching this despite the Kang Ji Hwan factor. Though, I can say now that I’m glad I’ve decided to watch it a few years back since I’ve come to really admire Na Yeo Kyung. She’s what I call a rebellious Mother Teresa figure, if there was ever one! Haha! She’s all kinds of sweet and generous. She manages the bookshop and yet finds time to do all charity works like teaching children, helping the needy (Loved that scene when she coaxed Woo Wan to join the boxing contest) and even writing letters in behalf of the old people. As if those aren’t enough, she even gets mixed up in an underground rebellion, one that aims to undermine the Japanese administration ruling over Korea at that time. Despite the danger of being known to be involved in such insurgent acts (you’d sense her fear at being discovered), she still does everything she’s been asked for by the secret organization with earnest. I can still remember those scenes where she had been beaten up pretty bad by that wicked cop. (That was one really heart-wrenching scene to watch!) Nonetheless, she remained committed to her principles come what may. You’d think she’s perfect, right? That’s where you’re wrong. Her unyielding spirit finally had its day. She was definitely traumatized after–sinking into misgiving and trepidation that you’d want to console her as what Song Joo most likely mean to do (though without favorable results) when she visited her at home after the incident. What makes her character captivating is that I never had any doubts in her–whatever she said, has done or had to do and she made the character genuinely believable with all its strengths and weaknesses.


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