Warrior Baek Dong Soo: Endless Rants Lives On

It can be quite entertaining when you back track and read some previous forum posts as what I sometimes do. So, I put it to good use by reposting some of it here. Hope this cheers some of you up! Here goes the third part of my WBDS endless rants series.

Finally, it seems all our patience seems to be paying off! I’m still crossing my fingers though in hoping this continues for the best.

OMG! I was squealing in my room when JJ leaned into DS and DS said to her, It’s gonna be ok. It’s gonna be ok. That short scene got me intoxicated! My head is still there way up in the clouds. I’m praying that this is the episode re-write we were waiting for that set-ups DS-JJ. I’m just sad that YW had to bear more scenes with emo-nun. Oh writer, why can’t they just all fight for JJ?!!! YW is too good for emo-nun! But if that’s what it takes for my DS-JJ ship to sail into happily ever after, I concur (though with a heavy heart for YW’s sake).

I’m still partial with Chun returning to Hoksa but then I’d prefer him to being the Sky Lord again than In acting all Sky-Lordish. I just hope In will be booted out of the Hoksa since Chun came back already.

I was laughing at emo-nun’s torture! That was the most irritatingly funny torture scene I’ve ever seen! I wonder how many takes it took her to get that laughable I’m in pain expression on her face.

WTH! I hope somebody catches the arrow! SS maybe? Or somebody unexpected? Or what if it hits a different target?

You totally took the words out of my mouth! Add…”Good riddance! Hasta La Vista, Baby and DON’T come back!”  Why don’t writer-nim consult our fellow SWNGers. I bet we could think of more than a thousand and one ways to efficiently and effectively get rid of her.

A thought just occurred to me. What if while Chun & GT fight each other. GJ comes to inform them that to JJ has been taken away by Crazy Bat In?! It would be epic if they combined forces to look for and rescue JJ! That’s what I dreamt of last night and the thought just couldn’t get out of my mind.

Also, what if the arrow’s target was the Queen? She looks convincingly surprised. I guess because someone double-crossed her. OR it could be another of her plots. She could have instructed Mr. Big to contract Kenzo to try to make it look that someone wants to kill her again. As such this will mislead the King and give more protection to her than what’s necessary. This then leaves Yi San with less security providing the queen and her cohorts to easily find a way to kill him.

IKR! I joined the WBDS bandwagon for the bromance!  

There’s really no point of JS holding on to DS and YW, too! How can she be greedy and hold onto those guys when it’s obvious the 2 guys like her a lot?!!! Has she forgotten that she’s supposed to have been a nun?! She needs to do us all a favor and run back to wherever the nunnery is. OR if they want to play with the dramatics, she can be all-sacrificing and all big-hearted and just kill herself to avoid the guys fighting over her?!! Not that I approve of suicide but it seems no one ever succeeds in killing her anyway ’cause she has DS & YW as protectors so the only way I think we can get rid of her in the story is that if she kills herself.  …and then we can proceed with the more important matters in the story.

Yes, JS seems to somehow favor YW over DS. Though it’s really hard to tell what with that poker face of hers OR the writers are just way to clever to orchestrate situations that will make us think that JS likes YW over DS to over compensate for her evident lack of acting chops. JS’ overly gargantuan problem is that for most of us here, we can’t even feel her doubt and hesitation over taking a stand who she should choose between the 2 guys or if it’s even remotely possible that she’s even capable of LOVE. She’s not even worthy of those two guys in my eyes! YW doesn’t need someone who’s additional burden to his already distressing so-called dark destiny in order for him to reflect on his mistakes and gather his way back to the good side and JS isn’t the one to guide him back there since all she manages to do was getting kidnapped, hurt and rescued and this rather reels him in further into the dark side. DS needs someone who doesn’t distract him from whatever his destiny is supposed to be and obviously it’s not JS.

So, turns out there’s a different target! Clever! They plotted to make it appear he helped kill the one who wants to off the king!

Yay! More Chun & JJ scenes! Hates it when someone’s spying over the almost father & daughter! Darn! Now the Pig knows Chun’s weakness!

Now I get it! Japanese guy freed SM so that they wanna make it look like SM escaped & they were surprised to find him back in prison!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Like OMG a hundred times more!!!!

I knew it! In’s gonna kidnap JJ! OMG! Why did you hurt JJ? Gosh, She’s bleeding! Show! You’re not happy torturing JJ emotionally so now you’ve got to torture her physically! You’re so gonna die Crazy Bat! You’ve just made your ultimate death wish!!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! I want to kill In! Someone better rescue her now!!!!

Stop with the JS & YW scenes! It makes me want to vomit? Ugh! Argh! It’s emo-nun again! Hello everyone! JJ’s in danger! Makes me fuming mad! Now, will someone notice that JJ’s still gone?!!!!

Yeah, they did notice but not really like how they’d react if let’s say Ms. Ginseng went missing. So I’m like raving mad specially when I saw what the heck is happening to JJ. And then they’ve got to show the whole DS-Ms. ginseng reunion! I so want to board a plane now to KR and kill In myself!  Then torture the rest for not even caring enough to look for her. *evil laughs*


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