Day 1: Favorite Kdrama — You’re Beautiful

I know it’s not like the best kdrama there is but I’ve had such fun watching it. I have actually seen this a few days after it aired its finale. At that time I was just curious what all the fuss was about You’re Beautiful. Everyone seems so taken with A.NJell. So, there I was on my work leave munching away some popcorn as I ready myself for some kdrama marathon. First on the list was You’re Beautiful. First 10 minutes was all it took and I was a goner! Initially, listening to the A.N.Jell sing Promise in EP1 brought me right into kdrama heaven! Lo and behold! This unsuspecting noona was reeled in hook, line and sinker by You’re Beautiful’s bait. Sure, pretending to be guy story has been done a number of times already but what’s quite interesting here is that she’s not just your average gal. She’s no tomboy either. She’s going to be a nun! She’s in agony ’cause she wants to fulfill her life long dream to be a nun but on the other hand her brother needs her help to at least get a shot at realizing his dreams as well not to mention that it will be difficult for her to maintain the pretense and keep lying to everyone. Then, unexpectedly this strange unfamiliar feeling struck her from nowhere. Next thing she knows, she’s belting out Without Words coupled with another feeling so foreign to her. Moreover, there’s this leader of A.N.Jell, who’s both eccentric and rude you wouldn’t want to occupy any space near his presence and yet we adore the ground he walks on. Additionally, as if the indomitable Tae Kyung isn’t enough we’re bandied with more eye candy in Shin Woo and Jeremy. Last but not the least, don’t we just love — to hate that is, troublesome He Yi. With all these elements mixed in with its perfectly delightful soundtrack and let’s not forget that adorable pig bunny, how can one resist  being pulled into its axis, right?! I’ve seen it more than a dozen times already and when I say seen it, that’s from beginning to end — no skipping episodes!

I can still fondly remember: the first time the A.N.Jell heard Mi Nyu sing; the time Mi Nyu had to throw up in Tae Kyung’s mouth of all places; when Mi Nyu had no choice but to spit on the flickering candle; when Tae Kyung had to rescue the drowning Mi Nyu and him being rushed to the hospital instead; their initial performance of Still as the new four-member A.N.Jell; Tae Kyung comforting Mi Nyu after she found out about her mom’s death; Shin Woo following the unaware Mi Nyu as she goes around the city; Mi Nyu accidentally tasering herself falling on top of the sleeping Tae Kyung and they remain sleeping soundly in such state ’til morning came; Mi Nyu doing the pig nose at Tae Kyung; the birth of the ever lovable pig rabbit; Tae Kyung taking care of the unwell Mi Nyu; Shin Woo’s heartfelt song for the clueless Mi Nyu; Tae Kyung locating Mi Nyu at the convent after she ran away; Jeremy’s scene-stealing bus scene where he had to sing on-air despite feeling miserable; Tae Kyung and Mi Nyu’s argument unexpectedly ending up with a kiss; Tae Kyung and Mi Nyu dating, parting ways and being together again; as if I had just seen it yesterday. Basically, it’s your usual formula in rom-com dramas but what makes it special for me is that it doesn’t try to be anything than what it is; breezy fun with some wistful angsty moments in between. I feel in high spirits each time I finish watching the series like I can burst into a medley of Promise, Still and Lovely Day. It’s nice to watch something and not be all critical about it. Perhaps, I enjoy it too much just being in the moment with Tae Kyung, Mi Nyu and the rest of the gang that I’ve let all the plot holes and some bits of awful acting slide. It didn’t bother me that Tae Kyung was so thin and wears this atrocious clothes and dons this weird do nor Mi Nam’s always being so clueless about everything regardless of all the facts staring back at her. On the contrary, I rather find it utterly amusing. Maybe, the ending needs a little work but it actually works for me. Up to now, I’m still hoping they get a season 2 which has like a gazillion to one odds of becoming a reality. Oh, yeah! I’ve been so downright addicted to the drama; I bought the OST, souvenir items,  the Director’s Cut and even have the A.N.Jell Membership Card that goes with it! 😀


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