Warrior Baek Dong Soo: Endless Rants Continues

Here goes the continuation of my Warrior Baek Dong Soo endless rants series. Reading it all over again, I noticed that I’m not as very much upset a couple of weeks ago but still unhappy with the way things are going on with the story. And it’s all Ms. Ginseng’s fault!

I hate how many days passed already and DS hasn’t even bothered to check if JJ was back. DS deserves some tongue-lashing! Dude, you owe her big time! If not for her you won’t snap back to reality. She risked her life for you and it didn’t even cross your mind to check on her again?! You’re supposed to become a great warrior and if instinct tells you that JJ might not be alright which is probably why you would want to see her first above all others, you stick with your instinct. Sigh.

My mind tells me not to hope but my heart says otherwise.

Okay, so I slept and woke up to this! Wow! As much as I think the extension is a bad idea considering the actors health, I wouldn’t be so oppose to it either considering that a lot of things needs to be resolved and that includes getting that woman out of the picture and shipped to China or wherever they grow a lot of those ginseng.

Gosh, I swear I would like that to happen! Sometimes, guys in these dramas need some outsider to fall for the woman they’ve been ignoring in order for them to take a second look at her and say uh-oh why did I take her for granted and then start wooing her. In the next episodes DS should discern that it’s much better to start a relationship with someone you have a strong friendship and don’t need to impress (’cause she’s impressed anyway and takes both the good and bad in you)

I swear that woman can’t act even if her life depended on it!  IMO she just doesn’t cut it compared to rest of the cast.

I guess it boils down to the fact that international audience like me for instance don’t connect at all with her character that’s why we don’t understand (even if perhaps we try to) why her character needs to be again on the front and center of all things. It doesn’t matter, if you’re Asian or Western or even Korean, the international audience watch these kdramas because it connects to them one way or another. I for one don’t really watch sageuks (this is like my 4th sageuk) but WBDS connected with me and so I watch it.

Haha! I’m all for the extension except that with all the emo-nun ginseng crap we’ve had so far, I’m half dreading that the extension would add more emo-nun rubbish then I would hate DS & YW and everyone they care to add as drones to the queen bee for being so stupid and smitten by her!

And WTH! They can’t even write a correct article. If these dumbass writers ever think of killing JJ, I want JS burned at the stake!

My heart aches for Chun! Before, he shared (well sort of) Ji with SS and now it’s repeating all over again. He’s gonna be sharing JJ’s affections not only with JG but also with SS (that’s if he decides to tell SS that JJ is SS’ daughter). Sigh. Poor Chun!

Oh yeah! 3 men and a lady! That would be so awesome! And if and when DS finally gets over his infatuation with you know who and decides to woo JJ, he’ll be having a tough time! He has 3 dads to contend with!

It’s really interesting how Ji’s demise will become pivotal in JJ’s life. It’s quite odd really that I’m more hooked in their story arc than DS who’s the lead in the drama. Actually, DS lost his appeal to me when his interactions with YW & JJ diminished. What I’m looking forward to now is how will the 3 dads get along. Surely, with JJ as their common denominator things are bound to get more fascinating. As for Ms. Wannabe, I hope her meddling with the ginseng conspiracy investigation gets her killed.  But I doubt that will happen since YW, her stalker/bodyguard always happens to be there to the rescue. One of Pig’s men came to SM’s house and YW once more protected what’s her name. Darn, boy! He doesn’t have anything better to do with his time than be emo-nun’s stalker bodyguard.

I’m quite satisfied with this episode. There’s less emo-nun. Thank goodness for that and more scenes with the more essential characters!

Looks like there’s a new love triangle forming. Well at least in my head. When everyone was on their way back. DS & HD remained with JJ. DS approached JJ and tried to console her. Oh! And yes, the camera focused on emo-nun who saw all this! Gosh, I don’t even know what that means. Did emo-nun suddenly felt jealous or whatever?!! I need to watch this scene again. On the other hand, our Painter Guy drew a portrait of Ji for JJ to remember her by. I say score one for team HD! I expected DS to offer all sorts of comfort to JJ but then he came back and left JJ and went on with his business. Only consolation I had was at least JS didn’t go with him.

Am I the only one wondering why Chun wasn’t there when they spread Ji’s ashes? ‘Cause emo-nun was there (just for the heck I guess of having her join a scene). OMG! Chun crying was the scene stealer in the entire episode for me. You can so totally feel his pain! One thing I find odd is that SS didn’t remain. He should be comforting JJ (specially he’s the father), right? Or even if he still doesn’t know he’s JJ’s father, he should offer some solace for JJ since she’s Ji’s daughter.

To my annoyance and I bet yours too, the preview for tomorrow’s episode, shows what’s her name’s life in danger again. Her life being in danger story arc is getting old already writers just can’t think of any way to put her in the center of attention so…Alas! They decide they should let her be captured and torture her! ‘Cause her uselessness hasn’t been tortured yet. Genius writers that they are think that this will win over sympathy for you know who from us international fans! Or, maybe they also want to torture us with her!  BUT there’s gonna be Chun & JJ moments tomorrow and that’s what I’m gonna stick out for!

Gosh, it would be so low of them to use JJ’s time of grieving to bring forward the JS-DS OTP! I’ll be so outraged if they do that!

Haha! In my small screen, it looked like he’s “trying” to comfort her but what’s really quite disturbing for me was when they focused on emo-nun for a bit just as when DS was approaching JJ or was it during? (Darn download is taking so long! I need to watch that scene again so that I can sleep already. Ugh)

Also, I find it odd that JG didn’t remain? He raised & treated JJ like his own daughter but why did they all leave JJ afterwards and went on like everything’s back to normal?!

Show, why are you so cruel towards, JJ?!!!

My only satisfaction in this episode was less emo-nun. And then just when I thought that perhaps they’re fed up with emo-nun’s damsel in distress crap my short-lived optimism went down the drain when they showed the preview for EP20.


One thought on “Warrior Baek Dong Soo: Endless Rants Continues

  1. Hahaha. emo-nun! You so crack me up on this one…completely agree though! I think its obvious that DS and YU had more sparks together, than with any of the female cast…

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