Warrior Baek Dong Soo: Endless Rants

It’s been sometime that I’ve been hooked on Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Recently, I had my friend read over my rants and she found it so amusing how passionate I am over this drama. So here I am just sharing with you some bits and pieces of my incessant babble over this show. BTW, this is just part one. More to come in the next few days. 🙂

I wish DS ends up with JJ. My wishful thinking goes as far as JJ asking/pestering DS (now that DS has been trained by the master GT) to train her further in martial arts. At least that way, we get more DS-JJ scenes together.

About YW, gosh! I don’t know if the writers have been deprived of sleep or whatever ’cause YW’s behavior in EP16 totally baffled me. I know that he had a crappy life and all that but it’s no excuse to continue on with his so-called dark destiny since he’s got a family in SM and DS. At some point he has to make amends somehow with all the wrong that he’s done. As such, I’d rather YW end up alive yet alone than have him end up with JS. (Sorry but there’s something about JS that doesn’t sink in well with me.)

Or what could be more interesting would be for DS and YW to finally get rid of their JS delusion and fall for JJ. After all, both knew her since they were kids. I would love to see how they could go back to their childish dueling days maybe they get drunk or something and fight mano-a-mano (Oh, I know that would never happen but a girl can dream, right?)

I’m really hoping for DS and YW to be good friends again but I assume that they’ll both end up like Chun and GT being neither friends nor enemies.

How can DS be so blind to not know that his so-called love for JS actually hurts JJ is beyond my understanding! DS knew from the start since they were young that JJ likes him. Gosh! JJ even told DS to marry him when they become adults! It sucks that JS lived! I wished she’d die already together with Prince Sado (episode rewrite anyone?) Apart from the map tattoo on her back which has been burned already, JS is a useless character in the story. IMO, her character just lives on for the sake of having a love triangle arc in the story which makes no sense to me. So, I don’t mind for JJ to be in danger if DS will be the one to rescue her and perhaps in this way make him realize how important JJ is to him. Or on second thought, why not make JJ be in danger and have DS & YW work reluctantly with each other to rescue her?? That would be far more interesting to me!

With regards to the resentment towards JS, I believe it stems from the current turn of events that we the audience can clearly see that she’s no longer an integral part of the story anymore and we feel insulted that the writers either don’t see it the way we do or they do see it but they just don’t seem to know what to do with her lingering character. Plus, what makes it more irritating is that JS (or even the actress playing her) is in no way endearing. It’s still a guessing game as to what it will take to knock off some sense into DS (…or the writers) so that he’ll see the error of his ways and end his obsession over JS.

I’m totally outraged that JJ who’s always served as a catalyst in the life of DS is taken for granted in the story. She’s so important that if not for her, DS wouldn’t have been healed and would still be wearing that bamboo suit of sorts up to this day. Though the situation that triggered it was circumstantial only, JJ was wise enough to know and believe that she’s important enough in DS life that he’ll snap out of his dazed state and rescue her once more that’s why she risked instigating a similar situation that almost killed them both when they were young. What’s funny is that when DS rescued JJ, he told her she’s a fool when actually he’s the fool for hanging onto his infatuation over JS. Ahh, young love so full of bull$#!t!

I’m hoping that the last minutes of EP16 is pivotal in JJ’s life which will become essential in the already tense relationship between DS & YW. The way it’s playing in my mind is that Chun takes JJ with him so that she can help Ji recuperate. GJ (JJ’s dad) before finally taking his last breath in YW’s arms (’cause YW’s stupid destiny tells him to kill) leaves a message to YW not to kill her daughter and save her instead. Chun, Ji and JJ flee for safety and comes across with YW in some coincidence ( yeah, kdramas are big on coincidences so I might as well use them, too). Ji’s unconscious, JJ crying and Chun and YW do a staring match after which YW finally helps them. This then paves way for JJ to be close to YW. DS completes his training with GT and comes back. He hears about the news that GJ was killed by YW, so he’s worried and tries to find JJ but in finding JJ he comes across YW and follows him. YW comes to a house and JJ opens. To his surprise, YW gives something to JJ (perhaps medicine for Ji and food, too). Now, where will JS be in all this?!! I don’t know! I hope to heavens someone kills her even if it’s to lure DS. Just get rid of her ASAP!

Going back, what I’m trying to say here is that DS, YW and JJ may end up with a similar fate that GT, Chun and Ji has with JJ torn between the two guys. She can’t turn his back on YW since he helped her but she loves DS.

So true! DS character becomes meh when she’s together with the lackluster performance of JS! IMO, the times when he mostly perks up the screen for me is when he’s with YW or JJ. So there should be more DS, YW and JJ scenes.

DS-JS, Destiny-related story?! Like in another planet maybe! Haha!

Same as everyone I do hope that “some” rewriting has indeed been going on so that they can make JJ’s storyline better. *crossing my fingers* It makes me think that in previous episodes, the reason why JJ’s been relegated without fight scenes after the one he had with DS is that people will notice how awesome she is compared to you know who!

I’d rather that JJ be Chun’s daughter than GT’s. It would definitely improve JJ’s story arc.

Let’s pray to the kdrama gods that DS doesn’t up with 2 wives as what reality dictates. Or, if the %^#$^#! writers really wants to have the 2 wives, can he marry JS then have In off her so that DS takes revenge and kills In. Yay, we then have 2 awful characters off in one blow! Haha! I’m so mean! Then once JS dies, DS can finally have his happy ending with JJ that’s if he duels with YW ’cause YW has fallen in love with our dear JJ, too and YW won’t give her up! Then, we’ll have our epic fight between DS & YW. Haha! My imagination is running away again! OMG! If I only knew how to write Korean, I’ll bombard SBS with how this story should go! Haha!

Finally got my internet back! For some reason it went down after the drama ended. In protest maybe for having to endure seeing what’s her name a couple of times!

Gosh! That Crazy Bat is still alive! I don’t understand why YW didn’t off him already! Gosh! It was easy for him to kill the good guys but why not kill the crazy dude when he had the opportunity, right?

Again, it pisses me to no end why they continue to give/include what’s her name in quite a number of useless scenes. Ah writers, when will you learn?!!!

On another note, I love the JJ-Chun scenes! Chun’s expression while his daughter was talking and feeding her so kind and gentle….as they say it’s priceless!

Gosh! I must be a masochist to re-watch EP17 again without subs! At least my only comfort now is I can fast forward whenever I see her royal uselessness on my screen. Haha!

I loved everyone’s sentiments! Let’s all say, Off with Ji Seon’s head! OR will burning her at the stake be better? Hmmm…

I’m confused. Did DS go to GJ’s to look for JJ or JS? Coz I assume that JS live at SM’s place, right? If he did go there to look for JJ, I’ll be a happy camper! At least he thought of wanting to see her above everyone else.

Yeo Woon seems glad that DS showed up and meddled ’cause it saved YW from having more innocent blood on his hands.

I think I understand now why Ji didn’t leave Chun despite her love for GT. I believe Ji’s aware that if she’s by Chun’s side Chun would not go all out in super evil mode that’s why she needs to remain at Chun’s side and after all Chun was once a man she loved. I don’t feel that Ji just lied to Chun that JJ’s his daughter just to save JJ from harm. She’s not that kind of person to me. Also, I don’t expect that Chun can be easily fooled into believing JJ’s his daughter so he must really have felt that JJ’s his daughter. I mean he could have looked for someone to take care of her but instead he did everything by himself. He still went to the market place to buy stuff for JJ and cook for her inspite of not feeling well due to his injury.

Don’t know why but every JS scene is really worthless to me though this one particular scene irks me. It’s a scene wherein JM had to carry her stuff for her and her good-for-nothing queen bee let JM carry her stuff. I was like okay, so they know she’s useless and they point it out in the scene! Haha! OMG! Writers wake up were like 6 episodes (Not counting on tonight’s episode) left and we want more JJ not what’s her name!

I’m all for DS with his non-violent righteous approach but his decision to just paralyze In will bite him in the ass in the future. Haven’t they learned anything? As long as that Crazy Bat is alive, he’ll think of ways to do damage to them! Ugh.

What’s the importance of the ginseng? I’m lost! It’s like suddenly the ginseng found it’s way in the story because of what’s her name!

With EP18’s teaser, we’re still in the doom and gloom where the world revolves around the worthless queen bee! They should change the title of the drama instead to The Useless Yoo Ji Seon! OR Yoo Ji Seon and the Idiots! Don’t know which has a better ring to it. Haha!

OMG! How I hate this episode!!!! I wanna wring the necks of the writers!

Again, JS scenes are useless and are eating up air time when what should have been shown is where the freaking place have JJ gone to. Her mom is dying for crying out loud!!!!

How can they kill off another good character in Ji when those awful characters like her royal ginseng and Crazy Bat still exists! I hope the Pig gets to die! But hey, evil people in this drama never gets to die!

Oh! SM, I’m starting to dislike you. It irks me that you look so pleased whenever DS is with JS. WTH!

I’m outraged with the whole fuss over the ginseng! IMO, the writers just made it up so that the world revolves around you know who! Ugh! This story is going nowhere!

The way they do the flashbacks makes my head hurt! It disrupts the flow of the story for me.

This episode would have been epic if they continued with the JJ storyline but hey the powers that be writers had to exhaust like more than half of the episode to making her uselessness an important character again! Sigh! Seriously, I would have been okay with the little storyline they have given JJ so far if only they have focused on the DS story in establishing his path as a great warrior ’cause the name of the drama is after him.

Yes, Chun totally changed my opinion of him too and I got onboard the Chun-Ji ship in EP17! IMO, I’d rather not prefer SS as JJ’s father simply for the reason that SS has always led a life of the warrior sworn in servitude to protect the throne as such I believe, his priority will always be that. It’s not that he won’t be a good father to JJ; it’s that he’ll always be torn with whom he’ll prioritize first. Like GJ who left HC to raise JJ, I have confidence in Chun that he’ll depart from the life of an assassin in favor of JJ.

IKR! The writers invented that incident so that JS has something to do and be put back in the map! (Pun intended) The problem I have now with WBDS is that the storytelling was strong up until EP14 and then it went downhill from there. They seem to have lost focus that DS is the main character of the story and that this drama should have a character-driven plot and not some convoluted conspiracy to place an otherwise unnecessary character back in the game. Sigh. It’s like I’m watching 2 different dramas. One, with everyone all fussing about every little movement her uselessness does and one where there’s this tragic family that’s torn by circumstance. And where’s DS in all these? He’s become an auxiliary character to both story lines and no longer the focal point of the drama.

I was boiling mad with this episode that I stopped myself from writing much about it until now that somehow it subsided already. The way they cut the scene away from Chun/Ji/JJ to DS/JS outraged me. I don’t care how happy the DS-JS world is, all I care about that moment was I want to see how it turns out for Chun/Ji/JJ.

For me, Chun has been the one keeping EP17-18 from totally going into waste! That’s even an understatement!

Right there with you! But what sucks is that for the life of me, I don’t really get the why in having to make her uselessness’ character oh so mighty important again!

I do understand why the dumbass DS & YW is so besotted with her ’cause at that time women are supposed to have finesse and be all lady-like and the world being a male chauvinistic realm during those days it’s easy enough to comprehend that these guys get attracted to someone they need the urge to protect. In those days it’s unheard of for women to be spirited and have a mind of their own like JJ. If they do, they would be called stubborn and not independent. Going back to the story, writers are so lame in bringing attention back to JS character ’cause it really doesn’t make sense! JS would have probably more chemistry with the ginseng than with either DS or YW. Haha!

Couldn’t agree more! Lately the road where this drama leads us is going nowhere. I hate how they make DS so meh when it comes to JS. Come on writers! Do you want to desperately want us to believe in the DS-JS destiny love crap that you bandy DS-JS in our eyes every chance you got?

I’m so glad that SS still hasn’t joined the JS drones. That’s what DS (ahem writers) should be able to see but unfortunately he doesn’t and for how long…never maybe. If that’s the case good riddance to DS-JS may they live a boring life! I’ll have no problems with the JJ-HD love line.

Oh, yes the pig! Oh how we all wish he dies! But alas bad guys in this drama never dies! In for example has been alive despite everything! Show, at least give us one bad guy that dies and we don’t mean by the end of the story.

Again, I share everyone’s sentiments. I only wish that the writers would see it our way. 

Show, solving the ginseng conspiracy doesn’t make DS a great warrior. Leave the ginseng conspiracy investigation to CR since I believe he has the brains for it not unlike some wannabe (ahem! what’s her name?!)

What’s so ironic is that JS isn’t even a villainous character and yet we all hate her perhaps even more than the actual villains in the story. All because she can’t act and has no screen presence whatsoever and yet has been given importance time and again in the drama. If it were a better actress we might have been rooting for her instead and possibly have a shipping war (DS/JS vs. DS/JJ) in our midst like what erupted in a drama (Coffee House) not too long ago. What makes us raving mad is that we see her inadequacy glaring at us each time we watch and it seems there’s no possible future that her character be taken aside and relegated in the background. We want the story to move forward but it seems the writers can’t make the story move forward without her which again leaves us all baffled.

Let’s just all hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel sooner rather than later


One thought on “Warrior Baek Dong Soo: Endless Rants

  1. Love reading your thoughts on this drama!! Yup we SWNGers can all agree that the actress who plays emo nun is certainly too green… and its not helping that she’s got no chemistry with JCW which is the supposed OTP *sigh*

    Anyways we have 10 more eps to go! I hope the writers really wake up and give us more necessary scenes (DS/JJ/YW) and less of you-know-who.

    Please continue with your rants! 😀

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