Preview: Vampire Prosecutor

Vampire Prosecutor has a very interesting teaser. Not really giving us any of the drama scenes or any glimpse of the other cast for starters but it really is enough to catch our eye. See for yourself.

It’s quite fascinating with the all the fighting in the dark background going on which is what he pretty much actually does. The teaser’s actually promising not that it tells us anything precisely but it gives us that feel how it goes both ways implying he’s clashing with the bestowed darkness in him when he got turned into a vampire and his battle against the bad guys as a prosecutor. What piques my curiosity is the premise that he’s actually a prosecutor who became a vampire which I find rather more appealing compared to say a vampire who’s become a prosecutor. Well, at least that’s what I’m assuming and hoping as well. If it does go that way, it would sure be quite intriguing how he adjusts his vampire persona to his prosecutor persona vis-à-vis. I haven’t seen any of Lee Young Ah’s dramas (Yeah, I’m one of those rarity who wasn’t enchanted with Baker Kim Tak Goo) but I have at least seen Yeon Jeong Hoon in Daddy Long Legs some eons ago. So, personally I don’t really have much of an expectation from them acting-wise. All I wish is to have more time in my hands to watch the slew of dramas, this one included of course.

cr: Hancinema CJENMMEDIA @ YT


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