Preview: Poseidon


OMG! My dwindling interest in Poseidon has definitely been set aside! Though my dearest Choi Si Won had been cast, it’s not enough of a guarantee I’d watch it. After Athena failed to sustain its appeal despite my adoration of most of the cast (including Si Won, of course), I kind of given up my expectations on dramas with cool teasers. However, I’ve laid off my doubts after checking out this totally awesome trailer. See for yourself.

cr: KBSdrama @ YT

I also happen to love how good Lee Shi Young and Choi Si Won looked together. They’re not only eye candies but tough as nails, too! Choi Si Won, as we know holds the fourth rank black belt for Taekwondo and Lee Shi Young has already won her third amateur champion title at the 7th National Amateur Boxing Championships. It sure will be amazing to see both of them fighting back-to-back against the bad guys showing us those kickass moves of theirs.

cr: Hancinema

And here’s some shots of my darling Si Won soaked in the rain. Doesn’t he look just as dashing all drenched like that?

cr: Nate

To wrap up this post let’s take a look at Poseidon’s second teaser which also showcase glimpses of Yunho’s cameo in the drama. Enjoy!

cr: KBSdrama @ YT


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