Warrior Baek Dong Soo: 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love it!

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted something here. Yes, work (that one which pays the bills) got in the way again. I just barely squeezed enough time to completely watch Lie To Me and Best Love these past few months and I’ve still got a boat load of unfinished ones to see from Baby-Faced Beauty, Romance Town, City Hunter, All That Glitters and the list goes on. I tried to resist currently airing ones but failed miserably. First, Scent of a Woman, then came Protect the Boss and just last week Warrior Baek Dong Soo managed to sneak into my kdrama heart. As much as I want to talk all about 3 dramas, I’ll have to start with Warrior Baek Dong Soo since despite the holes in the story, I can’t help but feel amazed on how it remains so totally awesome in my eyes. Perhaps this fanvid I saw can shed some light as to what I’ll be raving about for starters.

cr: 92AyachanMVx @ YT

It rocks right? With that in mind let’s start the ball rolling.

10. Dae Joo, the Juggernaut 

Every good story must have a villain in the piece and this one definitely has it! He’s like this huge destructive force that wants to crush everything in his way. He’s an overpowering underhanded menace to the King, Gwang Taek and his pals as well as Baek Dong Soo himself and that’s why you’ll love to hate him.

9. The Bizarre Love Triangle of Gwang Taek, Ji and Chun 

I have this fondness over this odd love triangle. Yes, they’re supposed to be adults already but gosh our trio sure lives teen-aged angst ridden love lives that it’s both intriguing yet can be irritating at the same time!

8. Frenemies Gwang Taek and Chun 

I was in awe as I watched their sword fight in EP1. Mind you it’s not as fluid as those compared to Chinese movies that we’ve been accustomed to and yet what dazzles me is that theirs has that genuine feel to it that’s fraught with an intangible fierceness and high regard. Although, each is the antithesis of the other, they have this muddled friendship of sorts that’s always so interesting to watch.

7. Jin Joo, the Princess of Thieves 

She’s no damsel in distress! Though she’s been raised by a bandit, she grew up to be a kind and witty lass who shoots an arrow like a pro. Oh! Did I forget to mention that she has a birth secret, too?! Don’t we just love that?

6. Jin Joo and Dong Soo, my One True Pairing 

Ah, no matter where this story leads us,in my heart Jin Joo is the only one for Dong Soo! It’s destiny’s design they met when they were younger and no accident that she’s the one catalyst that set up his fate as a warrior. They bring out the best and worst in each other, but that’s how true love should be.

I’m so hoping that Dong Soo would get over his infatuation (with you know who) and start getting his act straight and be with our girl Jin Joo.

cr: psychobrit2008 @ YT

cr: EmyRose1705 @ YT

5. Chun, the Wild Card    

Chun deserves a category all his own. Choi Min Soo totally owned this role. He’s got this whimsical yet calculating persona going that’s profoundly engaging you’d want to know what he’s up to.

4. Jin Joo, Yeo Woon and Dong Soo v 1.0 

Don’t you just adore it when dramas have younger versions of the adult leads portray the role well? This has lots of it. I like it when they lay down the groundwork of how the adults lead lives when they were youngsters. There are times in dramas that I want to flash forward to when the young ones already grew up ‘cause I get bored when I see the young actors play them but not this time around. I enjoy watching these kids portray the juvenile versions of the lead characters. They’re such a delight! I miss them already!

3. Our Friend or Foe, Yeo Woon 

He’s a man of few words who’s deadly with a sword. He’s called to be an assassin by fate but dare he become an honor-bound knight by choice? Gosh! Yeo Woon has broken many hearts when he keeps on doing the wrong thing when in his heart of hearts he knows that it’s a mistake. He’s so conflicted and feels trapped by his so called destiny that my heart aches for him. It’s still a guessing game as to whether he’ll remain in the dark side or choose to be one of the white hats in this tug-of-war.

2. Dong Soo, our Knight in not so Shining Armor 

It was no fluke that he was alive. Providence made sure of that and gave him a hand. What I love about our main guy is that he’s a contradiction all by himself. He’s a lot of things– stubborn yet yielding; impetuous though prudent; both kind and mean; stupid however smart. Caveat: His presence perks up the screen except for when he’s with Ji Seon that I want to vomit and gag myself. Haha!

1. The Bromance: Yeo Woon and Dong Soo 

They’re definitely one of my candidates for best bromance of the year! Let’s get a glimpse of it here.

cr: XnerjaveikaX @ YT

I’m crazy about their friendship ‘cause it developed naturally with time. Dong Soo hated him at first while Yeo Woon being Yeo Woon has always been indifferent. They’re so contrary that it’s so engrossing to take in each scene they have together as their friendship progressed.


2 thoughts on “Warrior Baek Dong Soo: 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love it!

  1. Hi Dramacafe,
    I watched All that glitters until the 42 th ep.After that, like you ,because of my work i didn’t have the time to watch all i wanted.So,I finished Baby faced beauty ,the 4 last ep were not as good as the rest but i didn’t regret it,i loved Daniel Choi,he’s a gem.I watched some parts of all that glitters until the last ep but they definitely ruined the drama.i was really satisfied until the middle ,after that ,there were too many dramatic situations.If you don’t want to waste your time ,don’t finish it or watch just the last ep.
    I wanted to watch Warrior Baek Dong Soo but i read somewhere that the OTP had no chemistry,i was relieved when i read your post

    • I don’t really buy that the OTP is Dong Soo & Ji Seon. I love WBDS primaily ’cause of the Dong Soo & Yeo Woon interactions in the drama. It’s only been as of late that I found Chun & Jin Joo so adorable! Now, I’m still optimistic that Dong Soo does end up with Jin Joo. Their scene together in EP20 raised my hopes back up and hopefully it doesn’t come crashing down on me. ^^

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