Drama Previews: What You See Is What You Get?

Just thinking that May is just around the corner makes me feel so overwhelmed with the onslaught of these new dramas that’s about to spring on us and make our lives a living heaven (Yay! Finally kdrama drought is over.) or hell (Sleep–less nights, here I come!). I for one am in dire straits contemplating on how in the world I’m going to manage watching all of these new dramas plus the existing ones I’ve been so fond of watching. By existing ones, I mean Drunken to Love You, Manny, All That Glitters and Can You Hear My Heart which mathematically speaking already means approximately 6 hours a week of drama watching not to mention I’m usually the impatient one when it comes to dramas that I watch most of it raw (Even if I don’t understand most of it.) and to make matters worse “give it the once over” this time with subs when I loved the episode. So now, you see my dilemma.

Unless you’re living under a rock or in a cave somewhere these past few days, I bet you’ve seen all these teasers. Let’s have a run-through, shall we?

Lie to Me

What can I say? You had me at “Kojitmal! Kojitmal!”  Haha! Looking at Kang Ji Hwan utter those words was so darn hilariously cute!  Sure, the plot of pretending to be married to someone is nothing new but then what makes it so enticing to watch is having the Coffee Couple (as coined by someone. Sorry, forgot where I read it from.) headline the drama ‘cause they can make a lame story look quite appealing by their mere presence. Ahem! Take Care of the Young Lady. Coughs!  Exhibition of Fireworks! There’s totally no doubt about their onscreen chemistry as what you can see on the teasers alone. Don’t even forget those dreamy still shots they have together with the cherry blossoms as backdrop! It’s absolutely captivating!

What’s more?! Found this uber cute and awesome fanmade MV for Lie to Me.

cr: HallyuYoonEunHye@YT

Best Love (Greatest Love)

Yes! Drama gods are surely making up for the kdrama dry spell we had of late when they granted us mortals this impressive tandem of kickass Cha Seung Won and the remarkable Gong Hyo Jin plus the marvelous Hong Sisters! What more can I ask for?! Apparently, none! Okay, maybe one. May 4 come faster, will yah! Previews alone look so amusing already. What with that infectious laugh from Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin’s comical uptakes. Together, they’re just so adorable! Oh! And it’s another pretend marriage-of-sorts story. I’m sold!

cr: MySweety0905@YT

Baby-faced Beauty

Perfect! Without question, the role of a baby-faced 34 year old woman is certainly suitable to no other that Jang Na Ra. She even looks better now than she did some years ago with that awful orangey hair color. She could not only believably pass for a 25 year old but even as someone from her late teens. What piqued my interest in watching this drama is the perky upbeat trailers that spells enjoyable to me. I love the mix of the cartoony with the live action thingy in the first teaser while the second one looks so documentary-like but in an entertaining way. Third one is nothing unfamiliar to us as it shows a sneak peek into the agonized life of our leading lady. And what do you know? It’s another variety of pretend story where a 34 year old woman was mistaken as a younger woman and inevitably lands her dream job. Swell!

cr: KBSdrama@YT

Romance Town (Maids)

Hmmm. Can I leave it at that? Would I be so mean as to say that the preview doesn’t work for me? It bored me to tears! Judge it for yourself then. This one will totally be on my I’m-bored-I-want-some-eye-candy drama watch list lest they release a more engaging preview or word of mouth says otherwise.

cr: KBSdrama@YT

Which one do you think will be the runaway winner?


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