Drama Previews: What You See Is What You Get?

Just thinking that May is just around the corner makes me feel so overwhelmed with the onslaught of these new dramas that’s about to spring on us and make our lives a living heaven (Yay! Finally kdrama drought is over.) or hell (Sleep–less nights, here I come!). I for one am in dire straits contemplating on how in the world I’m going to manage watching all of these new dramas plus the existing ones I’ve been so fond of watching. By existing ones, I mean Drunken to Love You, Manny, All That Glitters and Can You Hear My Heart which mathematically speaking already means approximately 6 hours a week of drama watching not to mention I’m usually the impatient one when it comes to dramas that I watch most of it raw (Even if I don’t understand most of it.) and to make matters worse “give it the once over” this time with subs when I loved the episode. So now, you see my dilemma.

Unless you’re living under a rock or in a cave somewhere these past few days, I bet you’ve seen all these teasers. Let’s have a run-through, shall we? Continue reading