Addicted: IU’s Samsung Galaxy S Hoppin CF

Is it even possible to get freaking addicted to a CF? Guess for some, yes. For me, this is actually the first time I’m so engrossed with a CF. I posted it on my FB wall, on my twitter and now here in my blog. You’d think I’m crazy smiling by my lonesome as I’m watching this CF very much like when I’m immersed with my dramas. Heck, the CF itself could easily pass for a teaser of a drama with IU and Jang Seo Won (that Action School stuntman friend of Gil Ra Im from Secret Garden) as the main leads and I would totally look forward to it! ‘Cause I need my dose of fluffy and lively kdrama goodness which unfortunately has been missing these past few weeks (or is it months?).

Anyways, the CF is so cute which is totally right up IU’s alley! And how delightful is it watching IU say to Jang Seo Won, “Since when was IU so pretty? Since last year?” as she tries to catch his attention. Yup, the exact adaptation of Hyun Bin’s remark that sent everyone’s hearts fluttering. However, I loved how this CF played out these lines. Ironically, in IU’s case, saying those lines failed to attract Jang Seo Won’s awareness (more like all she engaged was his irritation at her) as he’s so absorbed with the IU MV playing in his Samsung Galaxy S Hoppin phone. Hello! Even IU doing all those cutesy perky stuff did nothing for her. I know right! IU’s MV playing on that phone must have been insanely marvelous you’d get detached from your surroundings. Hey, even failing to notice the real IU just behind you. And yes, he did regret it! (Totally adorable as he tried to get off the bus to follow IU!) See, IU told you so! Haha!


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