Secret Garden: The Dreamland Quick Fix

I’m such an avid fan of SecretGarden, I just have to end my day checking for new SG MVs @yt, readingthe SG thread @soompi, tweeting something SG-related, posting about SG in my FB wall, and browsing through different blogs for any SG-related articles. That’s how consumed I am with SecretGarden! So, just imagine how irked I was when I read that some people think that the dreamland scenario in EP18 to settle the soul swap and coma dilemma was lame. I believe that it was utterly ingenious and cool!



 Basically, what’s crucial is one’s understanding of the purpose of the swap to fully grasp the reason why the soul swap and coma issues were dealt with that way.

It’s like this…

Daddy dearest has to save RI but he has to use another person to save RI because if there’s no third party interference RI would end up dying for real.

So, if daddy dearest has magical powers wherein he can make this Magical Soul Swap Concoction, why can’t he just cure RI himself if something bad happens to her?

Reason is simple. Daddy dearest’s magical powers can only go as far as influencing someone to save her beloved daughter and not for him to actually save her.

Run it by us again?

Okay, for analogy’s sake, take it as something like how fortune tellers supposedly can foretell other peoples fortune except their own.So, similarly that’s how RI’s dad’s magic works.

Moving forward, it just so happens by (kdrama) coincidence that the said 3rd party was JW. RI gets saved when JW did the Ultimate Sacrifice Switcheroo but then it was unforeseen by daddy dearest that RI would fall in love with JW, too. Hence, to prevent them from doing the Noble Idiot Switcheroo Act each time it rains to save each other, daddy dearest devised the Magical Banquet Trick (aka The Dreamland scenario).

Since technically, JW’s soul is in RI’s body, daddy dearest can now pull the Mystical Coma Cure because he’s basically saving JW and not RI. Then, daddy dearest can finally do the Final Magical Switcheroo handing over their souls back to each other’s body permanently.

Essentially, what began magically ended magically as well!

As for the amnesia, here’s my take on it.

With all the difficulties that JW has to muddle through for RI, RI’s dad rewards him by erasing the memory of what went on with the horrid elevator incident and everything else after that (so that he can sort of start anew) leaving only one itsy bitsy tiny trace of RI in his thoughts. In this way, daddy dearest can be still be fair to JW (‘cause at least he’s not handing JW over to RI in a silver magical platter) as it would now be up to RI’s efforts to remind JW of their undying love minus all the angst.

 In other words, another conflict needs to be introduced ‘cause hello? With the switcheroo and coma wrapped up midway of EP18, there won’t be anything else for us to hang on to and that old wicked mom trick just won’t cut it. What’s even more brilliant was that the amnesia thingy was brought in to provide that 180 degree turn we so need to break from the doom and gloom of the previous episodes. I say, wonderful! Bravo!

So what do you think?


One thought on “Secret Garden: The Dreamland Quick Fix

  1. I was also kinda disappointed with how the whole switch thing got resolved so quickly. But as a whole, the drama was good. Hyun Bin, however, was amazing!

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