First Impressions: Dream High

A story about how six students at Girin Arts High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars amidst life’s struggles.

Usual cliche’s in the characters are ever present.

A small town guy falls in love at first sight with a city girl and follows her around ending up at Girin Arts High School where (Surprise!) he discovers his hidden musical talent.

An angst-ridden chaebol not happy with his family life starts anew and in the process by chance gets enlisted by the chairman of Girin Arts High School who noticed his potential.

So, if there’s a chaebol guy, can a chaebol girl be far behind?  Yep, we have a rude used-to-be chaebol girl who had no choice but to go to Girin and strive to become a pop singer.

To complete our love quadrangle, we have the kind close friend of the rude used-to-be chaebol girl who follows her to Girin wherein our kind close friend transforms herself from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, realizes her own dreams and (let’s hope) stops playing second fiddle to rude used-to-be chaebol girl.

There goes our emo players in the drama.

A drama isn’t complete without naive characters. So, here we have another ugly duckling with great vocals who enters Girin to pursue her dream as a singer and who just happens to fall in love with our harmless guy (with no competitive spirit or whatsoever) who came from the US to study at Girin Arts High School just because he enjoys performing.

This has great potential to be another crack drama, period. No if and buts about it. It’s an idol drama with mostly KPOP idols in it. I’m thinking that it’ll be a hit in the likes of You’re Beautiful with a bit of low ratings but great popularity from its stars nonetheless. The ahjummas (or even ahjussis) may have control over the remote but the young ones have control over the internet. Get my drift.

Let’s talk about the teasers this time. The teaser is as vague as they come but then, it’s quite interesting really ’cause it’s sort of telling you to hold on because there’s something good to come. On the second teaser, it’s the way the dancing was shot not revealing who the dancers were as well as the brief snapshots of the headliners of the drama that taunts you at some level to want to know them. The third one gives us glimpses of the character’s lives and leaves us craving for more.

Simple and cute!


Did you just ask for more?

P.S. Dear kdrama gods, I fervently hope that the small town guy ends up with the rude used-to-be chaebol girl and the chaebol guy with the kind close friend of used-to-be chaebol girl. I mean, come on each pair has to have one kind person in it. It’s kdrama rule right? One of the OTP’s must be kind and considerate than the other. So, in our case small town guy (kind) and used-to-be chaebol girl (rude) equals OTP1. While, angsty (equating to rude) chaebol guy and close friend to used-to-be chaebol girl (kind) is OTP2. And it’s a given that the last pair of OTP’s are both the naive ones.


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