First Impressions: My Princess

My Princess is a story about how the sole successor of a huge corporation Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun), falls in love with Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee), an ordinary girl who turns out to be a real princess.

Truth be told, having Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee pair up together in a drama doesn’t look that promising to me. I was never a fan of either one of them ’cause let’s just say that they’re not that strong in the acting department (That’s the nicest description I can think of, so don’t hate me, okay?). I’ve only seen Autumn Tale (aka Endless Love 1) ’cause of Won Bin and partly due to Song Hye Kyo and IRIS for Kim So Yeon and not even during the entire length of their past dramas was my interest pulled towards their characters. Story-wise, for me My Princess comes across like some sort of twisted Korean version of Princess Diaries which doesn’t really appeal in my books. I’m trying to be positive and all that but gosh, I never thought writing my impression for this kdrama would be this hard. My reluctance over this drama also stems from the fact that there’s some shortage on the teasers. Though, I admit the first teaser was kind of cute which gives me hope that somehow this drama will turn out good. However, the second teaser was so vague and doesn’t have that impact that I was expecting to top off the first one. To me, it felt like they crammed the adorable scenes on the first teaser and left nothing else for the entirety of the drama. On another note, the production could be banking on the popularity of the two leads, hence, the lack of longer and more engrossing previews. So, let’s wait and see if it was the latter rather than the former. There’s like a 50-50 chance I’m going to watch this not for the two leads but rather for Park Ye Jin.

You’ve just got to love that evil laugh!

Ho-humm …

cr: My Princess @soompi; koreancelebreties@YT; kimthaihy@YT


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