Secret Garden: Daebak Moments

 So far we’ve had 14 wonderful episodes of what for me is the ultimate kdrama crack of the year! What?! Not Sungkyunkwan Scandal?!! True, although I adore our Jalgeum Quartet most specially that scruffy and hot looking crazy horse. SecretGarden’s totally on another league all its own. This is the first time that I’ve done live streaming just to watch a kdrama from the onset of the first episode. Usually, I do live streaming whenever it’s past midway or like the last 4 episodes of the series. But with SecretGarden, it seems to have that pull that wouldn’t allow me to keep away from it even if I tried. There are so many daebak scenes that I’ve lost count of it. Cincha! I’m still in awe that they’ve managed to top each episode each time. Sure, I’ve seen the spoilers but then nothing beats watching them as they unfold before my eyes! 


So, for all my fellow Gardeners enjoyment feast your eyes on a collage of sorts of SecretGarden’s memorable moments, thus, far. Make your choice which makes it on your make or break daebak list! By the way, since I had a hard time choosing as well, I’m going to make it easy for everyone. You can tick off as many as you like.




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