Secret Garden: Random Thoughts and Theories

First, no one’s going to die! Not JW…not even RI! So stop with all those tragic insinuations about the flower and the butterflies signifying death. The butterflies did not die nor was the flower wilted! If you remember one scene wherein JW was picking out each of the petals of the flowers, one of the flower’s petal even grew back, magically!

 For me the flower and the butterflies in the opening credits of the drama merely just add to that fantasy vibe of SecretGarden. OR, if you really want to put some meaning into it and is so insistent of relating it to death, let’s just say death can be a positive thing. It can bring two people together.

So, who’s dead, then?! Of course, it’s RI’s father, who else!

Note that neither RI nor JW had physical contact with the woman (RI’s dad) in the creepy house. I don’t buy the idea that RI’s dad is still alive and just borrowing (inhabiting) that ahjumma’s body. And don’t even get me started with the idea that perhaps RI’s dad just let her believe that he’s dead ’cause I don’t see the point whya parent would abandon his child seeing that obviously RI’s dad love his daughter.

Ah, yes before I forget the “ACCIDENT” — that grim word that Oska mentioned in EP6 which set everyone’s imagination to work on overtime together with the “SICK” word in EP5. It’s no wonder people are thinking of a sad ending!

Here’s my imagination gone wacko so kindly bear with my one in a million it can’t possibly be theory about the accident and the supposedly sickness that RI has.

RI could be sick in a way that she has selective amnesia due to an accident that she and JW had during their teens which rendered JW not only claustrophobic but partly with selective amnesia as well.

It just occurred to me that it’s quite possible. Remember the photo that RI had in her locker, the one where she’s with her dad? RI’s dad frowned upon after having seen JW ’cause JW doesn’t remember him. That’s why.

Note that JW doesn’t seem to have any recollection of the “accident”. On the other hand, Oska at the end of EP1 “conveniently” remembered RI. In the beginning of EP2, Oska seems to have displayed some familiarity over RI and even remarking that she’s cool as always. I’m not buying that Oska would remember a lowly stuntwoman though how lovely she may be. Oska’spersonality isn’t some down to earth guy. He’s as arrogant as JW though in a different sort of way. So, I don’t believe for even a second that he’ll remember RI on account of just that one meeting. He must have known RI way before. If you can recall, the supposed to be first meeting of Oska and RI was done from RI’s POV ’cause it was the only memory which RI had of meeting Oska in person after the “accident” that caused her to have that selective amnesia.

Regarding JW after the accident, he was sent to the US by his mom ’cause probably his mom doesn’t want him to remember RI and that Oska might help JW remember RI. Distance was the key. JW somehow grew apart from Oska during that time he spent away in the US. That being the case, it’s not quite unusual that JW feels some attachment towards Oska enough to confide in him though in a roundabout way whenever he has this confused feeling over RI. On Oska’s part, he just appears to hate JW but in reality he may just be brooding over their somehow forfeited friendship and closeness caused by JW’s selective amnesia. My guess is that this selective amnesia only extends to anything and everything that may be related to the accident be it person, place or a thing. So, this means JW and RI had no memories of each other because of the accident. Who knows maybe, they were trying to elope when they had the accident.

So, where was RI’s dad when all this happened?

I’m guessing that like how all cliche’s go, when RI’s father found out about RI being in an accident he hurried and got himself into a mishap winding up dead even before he got to see RI. It turns up that RI’s dad wasn’t supposed to die so his soul’s stuck unable to move on due to some unfinished business. If he hadn’t died. He was supposed to guide her daughter get back those memories she lost during the accident which supposedly should lead to her and JW to be together again. So, the Fates had a slight mistake. Uh oh! In order for RI’s dad to move on, he wants his daughter to be with someone who loves her and that’s JW. Problem is he, too has that same selective amnesia as RI.

The Fates try to resolve that error by way of handing in all those coincidental meetings between RI and JW including having that painting of the creepy house in the woods end up atJW’s place which I believe is one way of trying to make JW remember that house. Despite, the chance encounters there’s little development of them falling for each other again (’cause they’re older now and are now very aware that the reality of each other’s social standing in society dictates them to resist it). So, the Fates ups the stakes, giving RI’s dad a chance to ensure RI’s happiness and well-being because at the rate things are going with RI’s and JW’s selective amnesia it’s very unlikely that will happen. Hence, comes the magical potion for the body/soul swap to sort of help jog their memories of each other.

I don’t believe that the “Dark House” painting and the creepy house can just materialize itself. It must have been really there.

Well, I have this idea that maybe just maybe at one point in time RI’s family lived there when she was still a child when her mother (who’s probably a reclusivepainter) was still alive. Then when her mom died RI and her dad moved back to the city ’cause her dad doesn’t want to be reminded of RI’s mom.

Yep, I’m totally suggesting that the painting might have been RI’s mom last painting when she got sick.Thinking that she will eventually die, RI’s mom painted somethingabout a house without light (Dark House) — the light of which was used to symbolize a mother. So, when RI’s mom died, that painting was sold by RI’s dad of which themoney was used so that they could move back to the city.

I also thought that it could probably be the place that JW and RI decided to go when they eloped. So, with both JW and RI’s selective amnesia, they forgot all about that place as well since it is somehow related to their accident. Aanother maybe, is that Oska may have knowledge of the place, too ’cause he and JW were close as brothers when they were younger. Is it just a mere coincidence that it was Oska who had mapped out their bike race track which happens to be in the same area of the creepy house?

There’s also some vague dialogues thrown at us by the ahjumma aka RI’s dad in EP5 and EP6.

In EP5, when the ahjumma said to RI that the medicinal wine was meant to save her daughter’s life to which RI inquired in return if the ahjumma’s daughter was sick and the ahjumma gave a vague reply of that’s her daughter’s fate.

The way, I interpret it is that RI is sick somehow because of selective amnesia and since she’s an orphan her life seems empty ’cause she has no one or rather no reason to live for and this is what her father wants to save her from — leading this sort of empty not to mention dangerous life.

In EP6, while JW and RI were kissing RI’s dad sadly referring to JW about how he feels a bit bad for him but it’s the only way that he can save his daughter though howterrible and horrible it may be and how he hoped that JW will understand.

I’m taking it as he found a way to save his daughter from this meaningless and dangerous life she’s leading right now and that’s through the body swap. At least if their memories come back she’ll fall in love again with JW and will have someone to live for.

Moreover, there’s some scenes wherein I interpret it as Oska preventing JW to know more about RI ’cause I think it will lead to JW remembering the accident which I think was like a taboo topic in their family, so he makes this ridiculous comment such as in EP3 wherein he asked JW what’s RI got on JW that makes him act that way to which JW left Oska ending the conversation. Sometimes, Oska is somewhat evading JW’s inquiries that’s possibly related to RI. Then there’s instances where he’s sort of probing the two as if he wants to check if they recall something about each other.

 Oh! And the ending? JW and RI will get their memories back and get married and Seul who finally gets engaged to Oska catches the bride’s bouquet. Then, it goes into flashback during the time the Fates handed the not so dead yet not so alive RI’s dad the magical body/soul swap potion and changing his appearance to an ahjumma.


4 thoughts on “Secret Garden: Random Thoughts and Theories

  1. Wow… you really thought this through!!! Nice theory you have here. If the story doesn’t follow that route, it sure suits for an awesome fanfic…

    wow, love it!

  2. So here we have the ultimate cliche, childhood first love. 🙂

    I’m enjoying the drama & try to stay away from the discussion of symbolism e.g the opening w/ butterflies & flowers suggests sad ending.

    It’ll be 1 happy ending! Whether they’re both on earth or in some secret garden, best yet, he holding her hand and fly away (like the poster).

    Can’t wait for the episode features their first real kiss, this is SBS 20 parts drama, can we say that it’ll be at the end episode 12?

  3. @BrWriter Waiting sure drives someone a bit crazy at some point. Hence, my theory. But I would sure hope that it follows that route. I mean come on, death and sickness (cancer being the usual culprit) is such a used theme in kdramas. Why not use amnesia this time around, right? Amnesia would be kinda believable since this drama also constitutes a fantasy genre.

    @apdy Yeah! I thought that it’ll be cool if they’re actually each other’s first loves when they were still young and not now about it right ’cause they’ve gotten some sort of amnesia. That would be epic!

  4. Now thats an interesting theory! And i agree with it too! If what you say is true, then i’m disappointed with myself that i couldn’t put two and two together about the accident thingie.. about oska mentioning the accidentally then rephrasing it into high school somthing. Then also when JW says he forgot the password, Oska looks at JW so seriously…

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