First Impressions: Dream High

A story about how six students at Girin Arts High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars amidst life’s struggles.

Usual cliche’s in the characters are ever present.

A small town guy falls in love at first sight with a city girl and follows her around ending up at Girin Arts High School where (Surprise!) he discovers his hidden musical talent.

An angst-ridden chaebol not happy with his family life starts anew and in the process by chance gets enlisted by the chairman of Girin Arts High School who noticed his potential. Continue reading


First Impressions: My Princess

My Princess is a story about how the sole successor of a huge corporation Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun), falls in love with Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee), an ordinary girl who turns out to be a real princess.

Truth be told, having Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee pair up together in a drama doesn’t look that promising to me. I was never a fan of either one of them ’cause let’s just say that they’re not that strong in the acting department Continue reading

Secret Garden: Daebak Moments

 So far we’ve had 14 wonderful episodes of what for me is the ultimate kdrama crack of the year! What?! Not Sungkyunkwan Scandal?!! True, although I adore our Jalgeum Quartet most specially that scruffy and hot looking crazy horse. SecretGarden’s totally on another league all its own. This is the first time that I’ve done live streaming just to watch a kdrama from the onset of the first episode. Usually, I do live streaming whenever it’s past midway or like the last 4 episodes of the series. But with SecretGarden, it seems to have that pull that wouldn’t allow me to keep away from it even if I tried. There are so many daebak scenes that I’ve lost count of it. Cincha! I’m still in awe that they’ve managed to top each episode each time. Sure, I’ve seen the spoilers but then nothing beats watching them as they unfold before my eyes! 


So, for all my fellow Gardeners enjoyment feast your eyes on a collage of sorts of SecretGarden’s memorable moments, thus, far. Make your choice which makes it on your make or break daebak list! By the way, since I had a hard time choosing as well, I’m going to make it easy for everyone. You can tick off as many as you like.



Secret Garden: Random Thoughts and Theories

First, no one’s going to die! Not JW…not even RI! So stop with all those tragic insinuations about the flower and the butterflies signifying death. The butterflies did not die nor was the flower wilted! If you remember one scene wherein JW was picking out each of the petals of the flowers, one of the flower’s petal even grew back, magically!

 For me the flower and the butterflies in the opening credits of the drama merely just add to that fantasy vibe of SecretGarden. OR, if you really want to put some meaning into it and is so insistent of relating it to death Continue reading